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How to Master Scrabble Before Your Game Night With Friends

Game nights are meant for enjoying the time you spend with the company of friends and family. As much as it is a casual setting, you cannot deny that some families and friends can take competitiveness to the next level. This occurs with every gaming group, and it doesnโ€™t matter what game you are playing. For people who play many word games, namely with Scrabble in mind, it might be difficult to dethrone some of the better players. Here are some ways to take your game to the next level.

Practice Games

The best way to master a game is through practice. It is through constant play where you can develop your skills and gain experience. With Scrabble, you are not only trying to work with the tiles you have, but also how the board unfolds and placement of your letters for optimal scores. Unlike other word games, your placement plays just as big of a role, so you need to be looking out and be opportunistic. Getting in practice games of Scrabble will allow you to anticipate where and how to place your words down each round, allowing you to develop a strategy prior to your next game night.

Game Hints And Aides

Sometimes, when you play a game, no matter how much time you put in, it can be difficult to learn specific mechanics and develop individual strategies. You should never feel shy about looking for help, searching for hints, learning from guides, and even using tools from time to time. There are many tutorials to find online, whether you are looking for basic guides on how to play a game to more advanced guides that highlight different strategies and techniques. You can also use many tools to help you through your games, where if you are playing digitally, many hints and unscrambling tools are provided to help you if you are stuck. These may not be available when you are at a game night, but it helps provide you with insight on your moves and options that you may learn to use at this later time.

Other Competitive Word Games

Aside from playingScrabbleconstantly before your game night to get in much-needed practice, there are other ways to help improve your game skills. Playing other games can help translate to the one you are preparing for. For word games, consider other timed word jumble and scrambling games. This will help you develop the skills to manipulate your tiles and letters to form the words that you need. There are many options to explore in the digital world in the form of games and apps. The time constraints and competitive nature of these games will help you with quick thinking word formulation.

Relaxing With Word Searches

In any competitive setting, as much as you want to be prepared with constant practice, you also need to take time to relax. Many athletes will spend the hours before a big game stretching or relaxing but not put their body through such overly strenuous activities. This can be said about your mind as well. You do not want to burn yourself out. One way to relax but still surround yourself with words and letters is to do some word searches. This can help because you are still exposing yourself to words, keeping your mind well exercised, but doing so in a setting that is not competitive and is not going to feel stressful. You are still making connections to try and find words, but you can take your time and complete it at your own pace.


Taking the concept of relaxation to the next level, you can completely remove yourself from games in general. Reading still keeps you in that absorption mode, even though it is occurring subconsciously. Expanding your vocabulary through this way in a passive manner is a great way to prepare for the games of Scrabble. Reading is a way that will allow you to familiarize yourself with more words, and this is a great benefit for not just Scrabble but your speaking, reading, and writing vocabulary as a whole. This should be an activity you incorporate into your lifestyle before any game nights but also regardless of your need to dominate the Scrabble boards.

Game nights are for having fun, but there is no greater feeling of fun than the feeling of winning. For thoseScrabblesessions against your word connoisseur friends, make sure that you come prepared and have prepared your vocabulary accordingly.

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