New Tips And Tricks When It Comes To Winning In Casinos

For some, casinos are places to unwind and gamble away their money for a short thrill. However, for those who are more interested in the winnings of a casino game, here are some tips and tricks to increase your odds a little. It is always wise to know which game to play as different games have different odds of winning. However, remember the saying that โ€œthe house always winsโ€; casinos are still ultimately designed to have an advantage over the player, so donโ€™t go into a game expecting to win all the time. And for those who prefer online casino games, be sure to check out these fantastic offers for the best deals. 

Top three casino games 

Always keep this in mind: you have the best odds of winning at a table game. While they may seem more intimidating than slot games, they offer a better chance at winning for the players when you are online gambling real money. Here are the three best table games for wins.ย 


With a 49% chance of winning, blackjack offers wins for a simple card game and some skill. Players play their cards against the dealer rather than each other, lowering the competition significantly. The goal is to draw cards closest or making up a total of 21 and not over it. Going over the number 21 would result in a bust, which is an automatic loss for the player. Winning in blackjack takes some luck and skill, in which the player has to decide for themselves if they want to take the risk or not. However, the dealer is also subjected to the same luck as the players, making it an easier game to win. 


Craps offers a 50% chance to win. It is a game of dice consisting of a โ€˜shooterโ€™ who rolls the dice and players who take a guess on what number it lands on. For the first roll, the shooter automatically wins on a roll of seven or eleven. If the shooter rolls another number, the number becomes a โ€˜pointโ€™ and the shooter needs to roll the point again before rolling a seven to win. The game is basically about betting on the shooterโ€™s winnings and losings, which puts the playerโ€™s chances of winning at 50%. For those who want to make more specific bets, they also put themselves at a higher risk of losing but are also rewarded with better payouts if they win. 


Similar to Craps, Roulette offers an estimated 50% chance of winning a game. It is a wheel with 38 numbers on it and the numbers 1-36 are colored either red or black with the number zero left in green. The croupier, the person responsible for spinning the wheel, starts the game with a spin to allow the ball to fall onto a number. There are different ways of betting in a game of Roulette, one of them is betting on the colors red or black, which gives the players a 50% chance of winning. And likewise, the more specific, the higher the risk and the greater the rewards for the player.  

The worst casino games to play 

It is ironic to know that the games that are the hardest to win in a casino are also the most popular games to play. As they are easy and require no skill to learn the rules, players flock to them, hoping to win a fortune. However, this is further from the truth as the odds of winning in these games are quite difficult. 

Wheel of fortune 

In a game of the Wheel of Fortune, one places a bet on the amounts $1, $5, $10, $20, or joker for a win. The easiest way to win is to place a bet on $1, which decreases the winning advantage for the house but also offers the worse payout. The joker on the other hand offers a whopping 36 times payout for the player but gives the house the most advantage. The odds of winning at the Wheel of Fortune varies between 26-39%. 


Everybody knows how to play slots. Slide money into the machine and pull the lever in hopes of landing matching threes in a row. However, the odds of winning this game is actually 1 in 49,836,032 tries; pretty devastating for someone who is looking to play Slots for a win. Generally, the more money you spend on this game, the higher your chances of winning. 


While luck does play a role in a poker game, the player has more control as the game also relies a lot on skill. Not to mention, playing a game of poker in a casino puts you in competition with other players as well. Some of them may even be experienced and difficult players to handle. If one wishes to win a game of poker, make sure to practice a lot and study the craft before slapping down money on a casino poker game. In addition, scout for a table that matches your skill and budget level. You wouldnโ€™t want to find yourself in a game of experts with a lot of money on the line. 

While we offer tips and tricks on winning in casinos, do remember that every game is still a form of gambling, and luck is often involved. There is no guarantee to win at a casino and the house always has the advantage over the average player. In fact, the more time you spend betting in a casino, the higher the pile of losses you experience grows. For those who stumble into casinos hoping to win big with all their life savings, this may not be the place for you. For those who are looking for a fun casual experience and have a firm budget, walk into a casino confidently and walk out once you have depleted the agreed-upon amount. 

In addition, be aware of gambling addiction. While the casino may seem like a fun place to unwind and party with friends, in all its glory with a handful of drinks and gambling thrills, some people can get quite addicted and spend over what they should. Always know when to stop and when to get help when necessary. 

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