3 Traveling Destinations to Study New Cultures

Carrying out the same type of actions without being involved in the process. Walking the same routes. Choosing monotonous entertainment and the same places to visit. All these inevitable companions of everyday life trigger the “groundhog day” mode.

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Sounds familiar when you are a student living on a tight schedule of endless assignments and deadlines, right? When the world around becomes monotonous, the brain stops burdening itself with recording and assimilating information. It becomes a lazy, clumsy slave whose only duty is to support the superficial interests of the body and the minimal requests of its owner. Sounds scary? But a change of scenery – even a short trip – resets the system and shakes off the feeling of automaticity.

But how can a student travel with the zero free time they have? There are plenty of useful services like EssayPro that can help you out with endless homework or buy essay online in one click. The team of specialists will manage your papers, so you can have some free time to plan a trip. Let’s overview some of the destinations to study new cultures.


Tanzania has become the most interesting destination in East Africa during the last few years. During the animal migration season, Tanzania is an ideal destination to see the “African Big Five,” the largest animals of the savannah: 

  • lion,
  • buffalo,
  • leopard,
  • rhinoceros,
  • elephant.


Zanzibar has the title of the “Island of Spices.” Vanilla, cinnamon, pepper, lemongrassโ€ฆ People grow these and other fragrant spices and use them in popular local dishes. You can take a tour to a spice plantation and, at the same time, visit a coffee plantation on the island.

Stone Town (aka “white city”) is the capital of the island of Zanzibar. From Portuguese to Persian, from Indian to Arabic. Stone Town showcases the diversity of cultures that once dominated Zanzibar. This is reflected in the houses, wooden balconies, windows, and carved doors. The latter look like museum exhibits – the doors throughout the city are so unique and beautiful. 

Walking through the narrow streets, it feels as if everything around is a large gallery of handmade craftsmen. Here you will find:

  • African masks,
  • woven baskets,
  • black figurines,
  • bright paintings.

All this creates a pleasant atmosphere. It is not for nothing that the city is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Zanzibar can also compete for the title of a paradise island. The warm turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, snow-white beaches, and relatively low prices make this island a winner for travel.


For many, Egypt is just sunny beaches, clean sea, and the opportunity to see the Egyptian pyramids. But this image scares away people who want to travel around the world seeking to dive into fascinating new cultures and histories. We do not aim to devalue one of the seven wonders of the world. But let’s try to go beyond the established vision of the country. After all, you can find a lot of unexpected things in Egypt.


Cairo is the capital of Egypt and thus its economic, trade, social, and cultural center. One of the most interesting places in Cairo is the Egyptian Museum. Among the huge number of monuments and artifacts, you will see the famous mask of Tutankhamun.

Also, there are ethnographic, military, postal, and railway museums. The Museum of Islamic Art is also an attraction to many tourists. But Cairo can offer a lot of interesting things not only for connoisseurs of history and culture. 

Avid shopping fans will also have something to do here. For example, the Khan-al Alili market conveys Cairo’s flavor, household culture, and a variety of crafts. You will definitely be able to buy interesting souvenirs there.

And, of course, the world-famous pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. But as you already understand, they are far from the only interesting historical or cultural sights of the Egyptian capital.


In ancient times, this city was the true cultural center of Egypt. The famous library of Alexandria, unfortunately, has not survived till our time. But the Egyptians did not abandon their cultural traditions. The New Library of Alexandria was already built in our time. It surprises not only with the power of its building but also with a huge book fund.

This city is interesting not only thanks to the library but also to the Kite Bay fortress. This fortress arose on the ruins of the Alexandria lighthouse in 1477. Once, this lighthouse was immortalized as one of the seven wonders of the world. 

While in Alexandria, do not forget to visit the Montazah Palace. This complex consists of a palace, a museum, and large gardens in the surrounding area. President Anwar El-Sadat renovated the palace and gave it the status of a presidential residence. The adjacent park is a former royal garden, which occupies an area of โ€‹โ€‹61 hectares. It has the status of a protected area and is open to tourists.


Peru is an excellent choice for those who want to visit different places at once. This country can offer visitors mountains, jungles, and the ocean. Yet, one trip will not be enough to reveal all the uniqueness of this country. So if you are going to travel in your gap year – Peru is a perfect destination for you. What allows you to create a variety of routes around the country?

Amazing nature, rich cultural heritage, and opportunities for both relaxing recreation and extreme travel. Stories about the great Incas, intricate mountain paths, and numerous varieties of corn – this is what will surely interest any tourist in Peru.

The culture of Peru deserves special attention. It harmoniously combines Indian traditions with some European currents. This makes Peruvians special and unique. The people of Peru have preserved their folk art and are famous for creating unique fabrics and dishes from pumpkins.


At first glance, this city has typical colonial architecture. But the cathedral in the central square and wooden balconies rise on the foundations of the Incas. Their architecture is characterized by the use of huge stone masonry, built without cement. Cusco is one of the most interesting places to visit in South America – the entire city is included in the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List. The natives, despite a large number of tourists, manage to preserve the true atmosphere of the Andes in Cusco.

The city of Cusco was the heart of a huge Inca empire with its unique culture. Later, the Spanish settlers radically changed the life of this empire. All the important buildings of the Incas were destroyed to the foundations. On these foundations arose cathedrals, barracks, and houses. Thus, architecturally, the city center today is a unique symbiosis of two completely different cultures.

Remarkable architectural monuments of the Inca era and unparalleled colonial architecture blend harmoniously in this city. This gives you an unforgettable feeling of touching the past. But today, Cusco is not just a page of history and a center of historical monuments. It is a modern city where even the most demanding traveler will find something for themselves.

Final Thoughts

A close acquaintance with foreign cultures reduces the general level of anxiety about the evil and absurdity of the world around us. When we come into contact with other cultures, we meet different people and begin to understand that most of them behave similarly to us. At this point, we connect different ideas that were previously perceived as separate. This is how our picture of the world is formed.

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