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Preparing for a Move to a New Apartment

You’ve got to manage a lot of moving pieces when you’re getting ready to move, and the process can feel a little bit stressful. Here are some simple but helpful ways to make your upcoming move go as smoothly as possible.

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Give Adequate Notice

When you lease an apartment, your rental agreement may have some pretty stringent provisions about how and when you must give notice to leave. This is true even when you’re a tenant-at-will or you lease month-to-month. Bear in mind that your notice will likely need to include a full rental term. If, for example, you want to move out on the first of April, you may need to give your notice before the first of March in order to comply with your lease.

Review Your Move Date With the Building Managers

Professionally managed apartment and condo buildings typically have rules about when people can move out. They may not permit two move-outs on the same day, you may be limited to moving during certain hours, and you may have to reserve a freight elevator. Touch base with the manager of the building that you’re moving out of and the building that you’re moving into so you don’t run into any surprises on the big day. Be aware that some buildings may require movers or other service companies to provide a certificate of insurance.

Contact Movers Early On

Don’t procrastinate in finding a good moving company to work with. Getting some help with concierge moving services can take a lot of the legwork and uncertainty out of the situation. You can get a range of quotes based on your needs and connect with the most reputable companies in your area. If you wait too long to start the process of finding help, you may find that the best movers aren’t available on the day that you need to move. Keep in mind that the days towards the end of a month and the beginning of a month tend to book the fastest.

Document the Conditions of Your Apartment

You should take photos of the condition of the unit that you move out of in case the owner has an issue and wants to withhold part of your security deposit. Likewise, you should thoroughly document the condition of the unit that you move into for the same reason. If damage was there when you moved in, you want to have a record of it so that you aren’t charged with responsibility.

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