How to Choose the Perfect Beers for a Fun Summer Party With Family and Friends

You’ve got the right summer playlist, the food, and the ambiance down pat. You’ve sent out the invitations, prepared the location, and have everything where it needs to be… except for the beers! Every summer party, whether it is a pool party bash or just an intimate gathering with friends, is a party that needs a few drinks.

Whether they are designed to help people loosen up or are just drinks to help the stress of the world fall away, a good beer can elevate a party. And a bad beer, well it might not ruin the party, but it won’t make it better. If you want to choose the perfect beers for your summer party, here’s what you need to know to make the right choice.

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Look At Your Menu

Drinks are meant to be taken with food, so looking at your menu is going to be a good place to start when it comes to getting you the perfect beer. Every single beer has different tastes, from hoppy, to bitter, to dark, to malty, and each different task pairs well with certain types of foods.

For the most part, you want to make sure that beers do one of three C’s with food. They need to compliment it, contrast it, or cleanse it. If a beer has one dominant flavor, such as being dark and rich, then know that you can have a dish that either has a distinct taste that can cut through the beer, a flavor that can compliment the beer, or a flavor where either the beer or the food can cleanse the palate.

Just make sure that you don’t pair a powerful food item with a powerful beer, because then only one will be enjoyed. Do some research to see what beers will go the best with your menu, and then have those pairings available for the party.

Get A Good Mix Of Beer

Additionally, there are a lot of different types of beers that you and your guests might enjoy. Just like how you will have different types of food at your party, make sure to have a few different beers as well.

Don’t be afraid to branch out and get three or four different beer types that will compliment your menu, and if you really want to get beers that your guests will like, make the party BYOB!

Where to learn more about beer

Of course, a lot of picking the right beer for your party is going to rely on you doing some basic research and understanding the beers you pick. You can learn more about different types of beer by going to websites, asking experts in the industry, and even going to the websites of beer distributors.

Especially if you like the beers that distributors such as Banko Beverage produce, you will be able to see all the information you could ever want.

Learning about beer can be very interesting, and it can also make you a much better beer drinker if you understand why certain beers work the way they do. It can be very nice to drink a beer and know why it tastes so good and why it is so pleasing to your palate. Especially if you ever want to have a go at brewing beer yourself!

But at the end of the day, make sure to put some thought into your beer selection and ensure that it is up to the high standards of the rest of the party, then you can have some real fun!

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