Becoming a Full-Time Traveler: 7 Ways to Make It Happen

An unexpected side effect of the recent COVID-19 pandemic is that people suddenly saw the value of traveling. They missed being able to explore the world, and now that itโ€™s opening back up, many people are trying to make up for lost time.

And with so many parts of daily life forced to go virtual, itโ€™s possible to work and still become a full-time traveler.

Yes, your dream of living the gypsy life can come true. All you need to do is follow these 7 tips to make it happen!

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1. Minimize Your Expenses

You donโ€™t have to wait until all your bills are paid off before you can travel. However, the less overhead you have, the easier youโ€™ll find it to pick up and go on a whim.

Figure out your overhead and regular expenses (including gas if youโ€™re driving everywhere). Add in a bit for your travel budget, and youโ€™ll know how much you need to make weekly or monthly to support your lifestyle.

2. Start Saving

A savings account is an essential part of financial stability. As a traveler, youโ€™ll need this safety net more than ever.

Since youโ€™re limited to what you can travel with, it makes it easy to avoid spending money on anything unnecessary. However, the experiences youโ€™ll find along the way will tempt you into splurging. 

Have those backup savings and keep adding to them just in case emergencies, like car trouble, come up on the road.

3. Find an Independent Job

Freelancing, working remotely for a company, and owning your own business are a few ways you can travel and earn a living. Find a stream of income that you can access wherever youโ€™re visiting. 

Whether this is work, living off retirement funds, or using an investment portfolio, it means you have to stick to your budget. Know what you can expect to have in your bank account, and live within your means.

4. Plan Your Destination

Sure, picking up and going wherever the wind takes you sounds amazing. But it isnโ€™t always budget-friendly. If you want to travel full-time, itโ€™s going to require some planning.

Sites like Inspire4Travel can give you ideas of places to add to your list of future destinations. Look for the features you want, such as off-the-beaten-path, sustainable towns, or inexpensive restaurants and lodging. Then, follow the sites that focus on those kinds of places.

5. Work Where Youโ€™re Staying

Here comes the hard part. Living like youโ€™re in vacation mode is going to mean your travel days are limited. If you canโ€™t force yourself to work from anywhere, youโ€™ll have a hard time affording your lifestyle.

Do your job while youโ€™re on the beach or at your hotel. Pick up odd jobs wherever youโ€™re visiting. Make sure you work while you travel, and remind yourself that youโ€™re working to enjoy your life.

6. Find Cheap Lodging

Whether youโ€™re an RV road tripper or an international traveler, you need to find cheap places to stay. 

Donโ€™t overlook hostels and couch surfing with friends of friends. Find RV sites that arenโ€™t tourist attractions. Theyโ€™ll be cheaper. Offer to work at a hostel in exchange for lodging. There are plenty of ways to stay safe, clean, and in budget!

7. Use Reward Points

While you donโ€™t want to load up on debt, credit cards can be helpful to travelers. Find a card with a low limit if youโ€™re worried about overspending, and one that has travel perks.

Any time you would use your debit card, swap to your credit card instead. Then, pay it off when the statement comes in each month.

Youโ€™ll be pleasantly surprised how quickly the reward points add up. Use them to plan your next trip, and then repeat the cycle!

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