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Using Exercise to Fight Addiction

Finding a path to recovery can look different for different people. In many cases, your path to recovery will be a combination of many different things. In addition to traditional methods such as counseling or rehab, you will find in programs like Recovery Corps Los Angeles many people have also found that adding an exercise program into their life proves to be very beneficial in the recovery process. Let’s talk about how exercise can be a part of the recovery process and the many benefits.

What If I Hate Exercise?

A lot of people do not get excited over the thought of exercising, but that is because they misunderstand what real exercise is. Exercise does not need to be complicated or torturous. Exercise can come in many forms. The best kind of exercise is going to be something that you naturally enjoy doing. There are many activities which really are more “play” than exercise and yet you will still reap all of the healthy benefits. These can include playing sports, swimming, and riding bikes. The trick is to find an activity that you can stick with because you enjoy it.

The Ritual of Routine

One of the most beneficial aspects of exercise is that it can provide a routine and ritual to your day. Routines and rituals are vitally important in getting a grip on your life. Many people who suffer from substance addiction also suffer from a sense of chaos and things being out of control in their life. Establishing rituals and routines, especially healthy ones like exercising, will bring a sense of power and control to your days.

A Healthy Way to Spend Your Time

During recovery, you will begin to learn that managing your time wisely is a powerful way to fight relapse. When you have nothing to do, it can be dangerous ground. Having days that are filled with healthy, productive activity is the best way to keep your mind on your goals. An exercise routine is a great way to spend your time while also improving your health.

A Natural Anti-Depressant

When you exercise your body releases feel-good chemicals called endorphins. These chemicals naturally raise your serotonin levels over time. This is why you often feel better when you are up and active as opposed to sitting around all day. Substance abuse often goes hand in hand with depression or anxiety. Incorporating an exercise program into your day will give you a natural, healthy boost in your mood which can last for hours after your workout. This can help to start you on a healthy cycle of better habits and better results.

Exercise Will Speed Up The Healing Process

It is important to remember that you are healing. Just like someone healing from an injury, your body is trying to reset itself and get back to optimum health. Exercise will speed up this process and help your body get stronger faster. Your addiction will have had an effect on you both physically, mentally, and emotionally. Giving yourself the boost of a healthy exercise program is a great way to ensure that your body has the energy and strength it needs for the healing process.

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