A List Of Fun And Educational Games To Play With Your Kids

Kids can be a tough audience. They want to play, but also need to learn and develop important skills. Educational games are the perfect solution! They help kids learn while they’re having fun. There are many types of educational games for kids, like puzzle-based, multiplayer, or even logic-based. Here is a list of some popular and engaging educational games that will have your children begging for more.

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Twenty Questions

This is a game that requires absolutely no equipment or setup. You will need to come up with an object and then write your answers as questions for the other person to guess what it is. Questions such as “Is it alive?” Though not required, they are helpful if you want someone else to figure out what your answer might be. Consider fun trivia questions and answers where the first player writes twenty things (elements) that could fit their description on separate pieces of paper, one element per piece of paper. The second player asks many yes/no questions until they can narrow them all down into just one possibility; this single item would be the correct answer!


  • Does it have wings? 
  • Is there anything living that has wings?
  • Is it a person?
  • Is there anything alive that’s not an object?
  • Is it edible or made of foodstuffs, like bread or candy?
  • Are you looking for something to eat right now, and does it have any nutritional value (and so might be considered “food”)?

With this game, the kids are to come up with their questions. It can be played collectively by groups as well. This way, the children get to brainstorm together while they play!

The best part about this game is undoubtedly its simplicity: no equipment is required whatsoever! Educational games don’t need peripherals such as video screens and controllers to keep people entertained.

Hide And Seek

Educational? Yes, it is educational to find clues and learn how to problem-solve. This is a game that can be great with kids of all ages. Children learn to use their hands, eyes, and brains in a problem-solving way. They also get the chance at winning gifts after achieving the set goals, which can make them feel great! Hide and seek is also a game that could greatly help with creativity, as a child will be heels and toes trying to find the hiding friends or trying to find a hiding spot.

Play A Board Game

Games are a great way to teach kids how to think strategically and make logical decisions. They can also help kids learn patterns, sequences, or other mathematical concepts. You also have educational games such as might include:

  • Pattern blocks – This game is played with tiles that have different shapes on them (usually circles). The goal of the game is to match up all pieces by size without any gaps in between. This teaches kids about shapes and sizes while they’re having fun! 
  • Sequence cards – These cards come numbered from one to twelve and each card has six squares on it. Players take turns matching numbers by flipping over two cards at once so that their number matches the bottom square’s number exactly.

Memory Games

A memory game is a type of children’s card matching game that helps improve hand-eye coordination, concentration, and visual recognition. It can also help in teaching shapes or colors to very young kids as well. The rules are simple; turn over two cards then ask your child if they match (e.g., “are these both circles?”). 

Draw together!

This game is simple. All you need to do is take a sheet of paper and draw pictures on the opposite side from where your kids are sitting, so they can’t see what’s being drawn. Then have them try to guess what was drawn by asking questions like “What color is that?” You’ll probably be surprised at how well they know their colors!


This is a classic game. To play, you will need to divide the players into teams and have one team guess what phrase or word their teammates are using. Itโ€™s a game that requires body language to describe clues. The first player closes his or her eyes while everyone else on the team selects an object that their teammate might guess in 30 seconds (or less). When time expires, each person takes turns acting out words with movements, gestures, and expressions until someone guesses correctly.

Teams can get creative here as they race against the clock! One fun option is for some members of your group to act out elements of popular songs like “Happy Birthday” before another member jumps in at random points with lines from hip hop classics such as Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot.

For getting kids into a creative mindset, there are plenty of fun and educational games that you can play with them. The list above provides interactive activities for children that should be enjoyable for both the child and parent alike!

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