5 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Home

Giving your home a new look doesnโ€™t have to take months or cost an extortionate amount of money. Nor do you have to hire an interior designer to come and do the job. In fact, there are a number of simple things you can do to prevent your property from looking old and feeling worn. Here are five ideas to help you elevate your home.

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Statement Furniture

It is amazing what new furniture can do to a drab room. Replacing old tables, chairs and couches with brand new pieces can truly transform a living environment. When it comes to changing it up, go one step further with statement pieces. Replacing your bed with a classic four-poster can give your bedroom a vintage feel while pendant lighting hung above a kitchen island can add a touch of drama. A boring living room can be transformed into a trendy lounge with some bean bag furniture. Comfy Sack offers a range of high-quality bean bag chairs that can be used to replace an old couch. They are comfortable, functional and they can help you make a statement. They range in color and size with the largest bean bags accommodating multiple people simultaneously.

Fresh New Floor

Enhance your home feet-first with brand new flooring. Put down a carpet for a cosy atmosphere or opt for hardwood for low maintenance and versatility. Bathroom tiles can get grubby easily. Rather than fight a losing battle with an old floor, re-tile it for a fresh look. If your budget wonโ€™t stretch to a complete replacement, then opt for a decorative rug instead. The right size rug can be used to cover up blemishes and can offer a room a new vibe.

Revamped Entryway

Did you know that a well-presented front door can add curb value to your home? Even if youโ€™re not looking to sell your property, it is always a good idea to keep your front door and entryway looking good. Replace your front door to improve the exterior appearance of your home and spruce up the entryway to create the mood you want. An oversized mirror will look great in a glamorous foyer while adding natural elements, like a leafy plant, can help you achieve a relaxed environment.

Liven Up the Walls

Adding a colorful, bold pattern to your walls can revitalize a bland room. A feature wall is easy to accomplish, all you require is a pot of paint or attractive wallpaper. Alternatively, art can offer personality to your walls. Art is incredibly personal and it is said to reflect a personโ€™s character. Choose a piece that speaks to you and hang it up in a prominent place where it can be admired and enjoyed.

Relight Your Home

Replace your light fixtures for a budget-friendly way to jazz up your home. Add a spectacular chandelier to the bedroom for a luxurious air or illuminate your bay window with a set of recessed lights. Under-cabinet lighting is a simple DIY job that can help you style up your kitchen.

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