Cruising to Costa Maya

Since they canceled Belize, I was SO not prepared for Costa Maya. All I knew was that it was a typical cruise port. Shops, restaurants, bars. We got off the boat and headed to a rooftop for for some Dos Equis to get us up and moving. We were not sure what to even DO here. It seemed like a gated off tourist trap (again!) so we wanted to explore. We left the walls of the Costa Maya cruise port and saw Senor Frogs in the distance. I’ve been to Senor Frogs twice before (in the Bahamas) and while it is a total tourist trap, they give you free shots. And more free shots. And more free shots. I had to go to the restroom so we stopped in for a beer. That beer became another beer and another. Soon the shots were flowing and I was playing drinking games.


View of our boat and dolphin excursion from a rooftop bar at Costa Maya

I hate tequila… but when in Mexico…

Hello, Senor Frogs!

It’s barely noon.


All smiles

Not sure where the balloons came from…




We must have stayed at Senor Frogs for hours. We were having so much with the randoms and the staff. They were SO cool and I told them how this was the best Senor Frogs ever (at least, that I know of). After massive amounts of alcohol, a 2nd place victory in a balloon blowing and beer chugging competition, the staff gave everyone birthday candles. We sang Bohemain Rhapsody and then they blew air out of a scuba tank everywhere. It was the coolest thing I have ever witnessed while drunk.

More… shots



We finally pulled ourselves away from the bar and returned to the Costa Maya port area. They had a swim up bar and we got comfortable with some 40s of Sol. I’m pretty sure I blacked out.

Leaving Senor Frogs

Trying some tequila for gifts for our parents

Good bye Costa Maya!

We took a nap and I had chicken for dinner before, again, passing out by 10 p.m. Seeing a trend here?

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