Countries With The Most Gambling Players

Countries With The Most Gambling Players

Every time gambling is mentioned, brilliant images of Las Vegas come to mind. America has long been considered a gambling nation. However, America is not the biggest gambler in the world, as many might think. In fact, among the biggest players in the world are the least expected countries. 

The ranking takes into account losses per year divided by adult citizens. Losses include the entire amount spent in all forms of entertainment, including card games, slots, and casinos.

Countries with the Most Gambling Players

The list of countries with the most gambling players is as follows:

  • Australia;
  • Singapore;
  • Ireland;
  • Canada;
  • USA;
  • Italy;
  • Hong Kong;
  • Norway;
  • Greece;
  • Spain.

If you take into account the amount of money spent at the casino, the information is as follows:

CountryAmount of money spent on gambling per citizen
Hong Kong503$


As some of you may know, Australia is the country with the largest number of casino players. There are over 6.8 million of them (over 39% of the population) and they gamble every day. Slots and table games are the most popular. 

This is one of the gambling countries where players can keep all their winnings. They do not have to pay any taxes. Table games are very popular here, and you can read more about one of them here Addiction is not a big problem, given that 0.5 to 1% of gamblers have this problem. What is interesting is the fact that 900 people are banned from casinos in the country.



About 52% of Singapore’s population likes to gamble. However, an intriguing fact is that the country tries to reduce the involvement of its citizens in gambling by adding a commission if a person wants to enter a casino. 

Casino legitimation is not available here, and you can only gamble in certain few places. Gambling was legalized here in 1923, but this led to an increase in criminal activity and gaming addiction, so it was banned. But that hasn’t prevented the country from topping the rankings of countries with the most casino gamblers.


Ireland is a well-known place for gamblers. 46% of the population have gambled at least once in the last 3 months. The market is famous for being the strongest when it comes to value and investment. It’s also good for the economy, considering that all casinos have to pay taxes and license fees. Keep in mind that every online casino must have a license in order to legally offer games to their customers.


Gambling in Canada is completely unregulated. Most, but not all, are in British Columbia, Quebec, Alberta and Ontario. From these places, the country makes $13 billion profit a year. Canadians can visit and play at all online casinos using real money with no restrictions. But to offer games to players, casinos, the principle of which can be read at,  must have a license. 


The iGaming sector in the United States is valued at $261 billion now. The gaming industry employs 1.8 million people.  Its revenues have been gradually increasing since 2010. Las Vegas and Atlantic City are the two most important gambling hotspots with the highest concentration of offers and gamblers respectively.



Italians’ favorite pastime when it comes to gambling is spinning the reels of slot machines. Poker takes the second place here. The Italian poker team regularly wins international tournaments. Italy is challenging France for the right to be considered the birthplace of baccarat, an ancient card game that used to be the game of aristocrats but is now available to everyone, including in casinos when you have to play against the establishment.

Hong Kong 

The Hong Kong people are also extremely gamblers, so it is impossible not to mention them in this ranking. In the pursuit of wealth, Hong Kong residents are willing to spend $500-600. The conditions for this are just perfect: there are plenty of land-based and online casinos, clubs, slot machines and betting shops. Every year, the number of casinos and gambling establishments only increases, which leads to a permanent growth of visitors to these institutions and, accordingly, their investment in this hobby.ย 

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As you can see, gambling is widespread all over the planet. Either way, you can keep your earnings and enjoy them without breaking the law. But each country has its own rules and regulations, so you can familiarize yourself with their specifics so that you can play freely. One can only add that gambling has no bad effect on society and has a positive effect on the economy of the country. 

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