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Important Tips Every Coffee Lover Should Hear At Least Once

Since first coming to people’s attention in the 15th century, coffee has been a drink that’s stood the test of time. Today, it’s a favored drink with millions of people around the world. With so many types of beans and types of coffee, we can see why, as we’re truly spoilt for choice. However, some tips and hints can improve the coffee experience for us, which this article shall now look at.

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Clean Your Machine

Many of us have a coffee machine at home to try and get that perfect coffee taste that we only get from a coffee shop. These are able to produce amazing coffee, especially if we’re unable to get out. You can find the ideal machine for you online and learn more here about the different types. However, if we’re making at least one cup of coffee a day, in time, it’s going to need cleaning, perhaps descaling. Always empty the water tank when you’re done with your coffee machine for the day, and make sure it’s properly dried. It’s also good to get into the habit of regularly cleaning where the coffee pods or grinds go. This is just simply to ensure that your cup of Joe tastes as good as it did on the first day you used it. It’s also important to make sure that you learn how do espresso machines work.

Use Filtered Water

Your coffee is 98% water, so it makes sense that the water you use is fresh and filtered. Even if you have a water purifier and use that water, it will significantly improve the overall taste of your coffee. If you’re in a hard water area, your water may have high mineral content, including magnesium, fluoride, and calcium, which may make your coffee taste good, but overall it will taste better if your water is filtered. 

The Perfect Ratio Of Coffee & Water

The temperature of your coffee is down to personal preference; however, you want to aim for a perfect coffee, aim for a temperature between 194 and 206 degrees Fahrenheit. Regarding the ratio of coffee to water, it’s thought that a gram of water for every 15 to 18 grams of water. This is because this ratio is thought to give the perfect strength of coffee. However, we also appreciate that this is down to personal preference.

Add To Your Beans

If you’re looking to add flavor to your coffee, like vanilla, don’t add it to your cup of coffee. You won’t get as much taste this way, so instead, try adding it to your beans before you grind them. This game-changer will be something you’ll start doing because the flavor experience is insanely better and instant. This means you won’t need to add as much flavor to your coffee simply because of the way you’ve added flavor to it.


Many of us love the richness of creamer added to our coffee. It adds a different dimension to it and is a great way to treat yourself to a little more indulgence. But did you know that creamer is made of milk and vanilla?! If you’re a creamer addict and need to save some money, why not consider making your own creamer?

You can do this with an ice tray, milk, and a few drops of vanilla. Fill the ice tray with milk, and then add a few drops of vanilla to each cube. Then leave it in your freezer to use as and when you feel like having creamer. 

Leftover Coffee

There’ll be some days when you’ve got leftover coffee. Rather than chuck it away, why not pour what you’ve not used into an ice tray to freeze it? If you do this, you’re able to use it in an iced coffee. You may even feel adventurous and experiment by using the iced coffee cubes in a different beverage. They don’t have to be used in coffee drinks, so the sky’s the limit!

Got Milk?!

Aside from regular cow’s milk, with the different types of milk on the market, like almond, oat, hemp, soy, and coconut, you’re able to change up the taste of your coffee. This is because all of these traditional milk alternatives have a distinct flavor, which will naturally change the way your coffee tastes. This also includes different types of sweetness, so it’s well worth trying them out to see if there’s a new best flavor out there for you.


Surprised? Well, you need not be! If you want to avoid sugar, try adding a pinch of salt to your coffee as an alternative. The right amount can bring out the natural sweetness and neutralize the bitterness of the bean.  What’s more, it may be the taste you’ve been looking for.

The more of us that drink coffee, the more new things we’ll discover about how we like to drink it. It’s great to be able to try new things because it keeps coffee tasting new and different. However, there are some days when only a strong cup of coffee will do, which is fine. The great thing about coffee is it’s versatile for us to have it any way we want, depending upon our mood. 

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