The Classic American Home And How You Could Have it!

Every nation has a classic home. The amazing Swiss log cabin, the English country manor, the German bavarian cottage, and the French villa are all symbolic homes of their respective countries. But what about America? Surely it's more than just early colonial designs, right? Yes, actually, there are. The classic American home is what you might see in family movies. The quartz countertop island, the classic reclaimed wooden stairs and the glass dining table that has such prominence in the home, are all things that you would set eyes upon. But what about the other things?ย 

White picket fence

The garden white picket fence is so American. It's so American that it's regularly seen as one of the major signs that you have achieved the American dream. Thatโ€™s why you should contact a fence company that knows how to make one from scratch and install it for your home. The choice of wood is varied. Oak is very popular because it's strong yet cheap, but yew, beech, and walnut are also choices. The types of wood mentioned previously will have better seating for the paint you use as oak is very dense and doesnโ€™t absorb paint as well. The picket fence has to be made in the classic fashion, set apart by a half a foot and just up to the waist. This is great for children and dogs as thereโ€™s adequate protection for both.

Glass is everywhere!

Glass tables are to be found in most rooms in the American home. One can honestly say that the classic American home was really a standard-bearer when it comes to the usage of the material. Glass coffee table in the geometric art-deco style is very American. In fact, it's where the interior design style comes from, in the 1920s-30s New York and Chicago. Glass dining tables are also a very nice touch, but they should be made from tempered glass that is slightly opaque. This way smudges donโ€™t appear so readily and this, you donโ€™t have to cover the glass table with anything. Put a fruit bowl in the center or perhaps some candles as a nice finishing touch.

Room for an island

The kitchen countertop has to be made from quartz. This material is very easy to find and cheap to buy, but the best quartz mixtures can hold a candle to even marble. The American home began to use quartz as standard while European homes were still using slate and wood. You can have quartz in almost any color and pattern, but the American style is to go for the classic black style with white and yellow stones scattered around. 

Contemporary sofa

The American home actually led the previous decade in interior design, especially in the living room. The contemporary postmodern white sofa, with clean lines and sharp corners is a staple in the American home. 

Classic American homes are loved around the world, not just because of the space they provide but for their use of the most modern materials, before any other style dared.

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