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Christmas Shopping: What About a New Mattress?

With the holiday season within reach, it’s a time for joyful celebrations, festivities, and, of course, giving. Finding the perfect gift, however, is seldom easy.  

Although gift cards are often an easy way out, they’re impersonal and rarely have the desired effect. On the other hand, getting something that’ll bring years of joy to your loved one (or even yourself) is an excellent choice. 

Considering that one spends an average of eight hours a day in bed, a new comfy mattress will make a practical and amazing gift. Do keep in mind, though, whether you’re shopping for sleeplessness or joint pain, It’s important to choose one that suits your particular sleep needs, states this handy article.

So, let’s take a quick look at what you need to consider and some of the reasons why it would make a great gift.

Things to Consider When Shopping for a New Mattress

The most common types of mattresses available are:

  • Innerspring
  • Foam
  • Adjustable

Not all people sleep the same, so, as a general guideline, you need to keep the following in mind:

  • Side sleepers typically prefer a softer mattress
  • Stomach sleepers want a more firm surface
  • A bed with a firmness that lies somewhere in the middle is usually the right choice for back sleepers

Other factors to consider include:

  • Does the person you’re buying for need a mattress with cooling properties?
  • Are allergies a concern?
  • Does the person you’re shopping for have back or joint pain issues?
  • Are chemicals a concern?

If you don’t know the details or simply can’t decide, it’s best to choose a hybrid-style mattress. It combines the lightness of an innerspring core with memory foam’s motion isolation. These beds offer the best of both worlds and suit most sleeping styles. 

Why Would a New Mattress Make a Good Gift?

Are you unsure if buying someone a new bed is a good idea? Here are some reasons that’ll help you decide.

It Can Alleviate Back and Joint Pain

Sleeping on a high-quality mattress typically provides increased comfort and support and ensures that your spine is correctly aligned while you sleep. These properties are known to relieve the effects of back, muscle, and joint pains while simultaneously improving your posture. 

It Relieves Stress

Getting adequate rest is vital to both your physical and mental well-being. A new mattress will ensure that your body is properly supported, preventing you from tossing and turning at night, improving your quality of sleep. This improvement reduces not only stress but also day-time sleepiness. 

It Reduces the Symptoms of Allergies

Mattresses are the perfect habitat for dust mites. These microscopic bugs are well known to enhance asthma symptoms and various allergies, which typically leads to watery eyes, sinus pressure, runny noses, and sneezing. Buying someone a new bed will help alleviate these symptoms and have a huge impact on the quality of that person’s life.

It Can Improve a Person’s Overall Quality of Life

Waking up tired leaves one feeling weak, groggy, and exhausted. A lack of sleep also makes you more susceptible to common illnesses such as colds or flu. A new bed can improve your sleeping habits, meaning you get adequate sleep, in turn improving your overall quality of life.

To Wrap Up

In general, mattresses have a lifespan of five to ten years. A new bed helps alleviate muscle, back, and joint pains, reduce stress and allergy symptoms, and improve your sleeping habits. Buying one for a loved-one not only shows you care, but it’ll greatly improve that individual’s quality of life. 

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