How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep (As A Parent)

As a parent, you have to make certain sacrifices. Whether that means handing over the television remote to your child, so they can watch their favorite movie for the 100th time, or spending your money on them as opposed to treating yourself. However, another common sacrifice that parents feel forced to make is giving up on sleep.

When you are working or running a household, it seems as though there isnโ€™t enough time in the day. As a result, you often end up doing household chores or life admin into the night and often find it hard to shut off and go to sleep. However, not getting enough sleep can have serious implications on both your physical and mental health. What begins as a bit of morning grouchiness, can quickly spiral out of control.

As a result, you must find a way to get a good nightโ€™s sleep (every night).

  1. Set your own bedtime

You probably already have an established nighttime routine for your kids – they brush your teeth, read a book, and have their lights off by a certain time. This helps them fall asleep quicker and means they have enough energy for the following day. Establishing a similar routine for yourself will make falling asleep much easier, though it may take a little getting used to.

Try to be under the covers by the same time each night. When you do this, you will naturally begin to feel tired around this time and should drift off to sleep earlier. You can help speed up the process by ensuring you do not use your phone for at least an hour before going to sleep, and saying no to caffeinated drinks after 5 pm, as they will both act as stimulants that keep you awake.

  1. Take care of your sheets

The quality of your bedsheets can also affect how you sleep. For example, over time, your sheets will begin to gather dust and pilling, which can make sleeping a little uncomfortable, especially if you suffer from allergies. Furthermore, if your sheets are not taken care of properly, they will no longer be as comfortable as they once were, meaning you will find it harder to drift off. You need to create a space that is warm, comfortable, and inviting.

Fortunately, this does not mean you have to throw your sheets away – you just need to take better care of them. For example, there is plenty of advice online on how to deal with sheets that are pilling.ย 

  1. Treat yourself 

Your mattress has a huge impact on how you sleep. You need to ensure that you are getting the appropriate support for your neck and back, whilst also ensuring it suits your comfort needs. For example, many people cannot sleep on a mattress that is too soft, whilst for others, it is a necessity. Sleeping on a bad mattress, however, affects more than your ability to sleep – it can also cause muscle tension. Many people are unwilling to buy a new mattress as it can be expensive – but they are a necessary investment into your health and happiness – so you should not be afraid to get your hands on a new one when it is needed. 

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