Carpet Care: How to Effectively Clean and Remove Carpet Stains in Your Carpet

Carpets are an ideal item to help beautify an area and to avoid slippery floors. It could even provide a feeling of warmth, making you feel homey and cozy. Also, if you want to step up the interior design of your place, there’s no way carpet can’t make it look more luxurious than it already is. Going barefoot with a carpet makes it also comfortable for you to stay or sit in it.ย 

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Carpets are some of humankind’s prize possessions. With its unique shape, sizes, colors, and designs, the time to make it and other more in-depth processes make it unique and expensive. As much as carpet makes our life better, it also needs to be cleaned from time to time. Having a dirty carpet is like having a dirty home. It also needs maintenance to keep its shape. 

Dirty carpets could pose some health threats. Also, it could impede the airflow in your home. Dust mites, bacteria, allergens, insects, could all have been living in your carpets for so long that it needs proper cleaning from professionals. To guide and give you ease on how to effectively clean gross carpets, continue reading down below. 

Dealing With Pet Stains 

Tons of pet owners struggle with keeping their carpets clean due to a special surprise given by their beloved pets. Cleaning up your pet stains from your carpet could be a challenging task. Other than the nasty dirt they leave in the carpet; the odor also is a big struggle to remove. But, there are methods and effective substances that could help. 

You can try sprinkling a mixture of laundry detergent soap and water. It would be best to spray it on the spot of the stain. Allow it to stay and soak for a few minutes, then rinse it using warm water and if it does not go away, repeat the steps as needed. If you still struggle from removing the stain, then you should contact a professional in carpet-drying

With numerous clients helped and services offered by Electrodry, they have been awarded the Platinum Trusted Service Award for their expertise in carpet cleaning, being Australia’s largest carpet cleaning business. They also offer more than just carpet cleaning. They also have many home cleaning services you might be interested in. So, if those simple cleaning tricks don’t work for you, get the work done with them. 

Dealing With Coffee Stains 

One of the favored drinks of most people is coffee. It relaxes a person, gives warmth, and a great mood and energy booster. But, when coffee is the reason for a carpet stain, then it could be a headache. But, just like other stains, it could be removed with proper methods followed. 

First, dry the spot where there was a spill. Make sure to not spread the stain while drying it. Before applying any kind of detergent directly on the carpet, perform a patch test. Some carpets could be damaged from chemicals that are in the products you might plan on using. You could also try a mixture of a non-bleach detergent, vinegar, and water. 

Apply the mixture to the stain and allow it to soak. Do not worry, as coffee stains are not permanent, but they sure are hard to remove if they have been sitting on the carpet for too long. After soaking, rinse it and repeat as needed. It could be a long process, but you wouldn’t have to struggle with a dirty carpet. 

Dealing With Ink Stains 

Ink stains could make your beautiful-looking carpet into a damaged item once ink stains it. It’s known to severely destroy fabric on any item. Some people give up on it, but removing ink stains is doable-with lots of effort and hard work. 

Although technology offers the fastest ways of getting rid of ink stains, here are some alternative ways you could do it in the comfort of your household. With a clean cloth, blot as much as the remaining stain you could get. After, soak the stain in denatured alcohol

Then, take a toothbrush and start massaging the alcohol gently into the fibers of the carpet to allow it to soak even on the deepest side. Leave it for five minutes, then blot until there’s no more ink left. Always remember to test the products you’ll use before pouring them directly into your carpet. 

Dealing With Chewed Gum 

As much as gums are delicious, they could also get stuck in the carpets, whether intentionally or accidentally. Gums are one of the hardest to remove from a carpet. Once they harden, they become more challenging to remove and could damage your carpet’s beautiful appearance. To avoid severe damage to your carpet, here is a trick you could follow. 

The most popular way of removing gums on a carpet is to get it cold. If you have a ziplock, you could put ice inside and place it in the place where the gum is. In this case, the gum gets hard, and once it becomes frozen, there’s a high chance that it will break into pieces. Do this by using a scraping tool, like a plastic knife or any scraping tool that is safe and will help you get the work done. 


No matter how careful you are in protecting your carpet in the hopes that there will be no accidents that would happen to it or any stains will compromise its beautiful designs, it’s unavoidable that your carpet will stay clean forever. 

But, there are numerous ways you could do to remove the nastiest and dirtiest carpet stains you have. The information stated above hopes to educate and give helpful techniques for effectively cleaning your carpet to make it look good as new! 

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