Top Useful Bathroom Hacks That Everyone Must Know

The bathroom is a sort of sanctuary for many people, it is where we feel most private, for some reason like to spend a lot of time in there, dedicated to ourselves while there is also no other room in our homes that we feel safer and maintained. So, whatever the reason you want your bathroom to look bigger, brighter, cozier, or more stylish, make sure to check these hacks that will make time spent in the bathroom more satisfactory and functionalized.

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Piping Situations

From all the issues that could go wrong in our bathrooms, itโ€™s the clogged drains and leaks, sewer complications, and water heater installations or performance that can go worse. Most of these are more than an obstacle, theyโ€™re a venture that most of us are not prepared to take hold of on our own.

If you are not skilled yourself, any handling without insight is set to disaster, maybe not only to your home but to the neighborhood as well. Therefore, it is important, always, to call upon the experts who have the knowledge, tools, and experience, in any event of a piping malfunctioning or appliancesโ€™ fixing.

When choosing the piping wizards out there, make sure to check their website, for the contact information, list of services, and eventual discounts. Pay attention to their location also, because, in urgent incidents, you will need relatively close and prompt repairmen.

Mystery Storage Space

The expansion of the storage places in any bathroom, particularly in a small one, is a special level of life hacking. If you manage the limited space well, you can apply the same principle in other parts of your home, work, and other segments in life, generally.


There are not many ways to add additional space if youโ€™re not going for the full-on bathroom restoration. Vanities, or counters, may be the best solution to functionality – especially if you decide on the ones with a sink on the top – since they offer space for shelves, drawers, and safe, out of sight, storage for cleaning chemicals and other toiletries. You can always attach pull-out drawers in cabinets for extra space.

Racks and Shelves

For example, have you thought about how hanging a shelf over the bathroom door or adding different sized racks to hang up lotions, body and hair care products in the shower or above the sink, spare on space? You can always try and use wall depths behind the mirror or simply purchase mirror cabinets, place enough hooks around for the towels and clothes, invest in double sinks if you have a larger family (with double vanities), roll your towels instead of folding them to give additional space on the shelves or in the cabinets.

Endeavor to keep everything tidy, away from the floor and in its place, and you will see how space opens up itself. 

Hackly Illusions

Now, for the ones who have a smaller bathroom and wish for it to appear a little bit larger, then consider the lightning because it can really enhance the space. Color hacks are next to the most important because colors like beige, cream, light shades of grey and blue, and, of course, white are great choices as they make any room roomier. The choice of light-colored tiles, or airy wallpapers, alongside a larger mirror – is certainly going to reflect more space.

Stains? No more remains!

As the most used room in the house (yes, believe it or not!), the traces and marks of that usage are inevitable and they can be really unpleasant, stinky, can affect the functionality of some appliances (such as calcium stains), and unsightly. The good news is that many of these solutions are DIY and oftentimes using natural-based ingredients instead of heavy chemistry, dangerous for you and the environment, and most of them you can find in your own home.

Did you know that:

  • Dryer sheets that weโ€™re putting in to enhance the drying process are easily removing soap scum from glass shower doors.
  • Baking soda and vinegar, the golden duo, is excellent for removing any kind of hard water mineral deposits that remain on faucets, toilets, showers. For example, you can clean showerheads by adding this mix to a ziplock bag and let it soak in it for some time.
  • Lime, the ugly turquoise or green rust-like stains appear around chrome taps, showers, bath plugs, or taps. It can be removed with either lemon juice or vinegar but itโ€™s also known that pumice, in its dusted or powdered form, can easily clean them lime stains.

Whichever of the useful methods you choose to augment your bathroom have in mind that they are learned and thought throughout life, by advice or some investigation. The ultimate hack is to keep it clean, decluttered and to use light cleaning ingredients. And to have a professional backup, in case something โ€œclogsโ€.

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