7 Ways To Make Moving Simpler

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If I say the word move, most of us back away and cringe in horror. Moving is a lot. It takes energy, planning, and time. Iโ€™ve moved a few times in my life and one of the biggest regrets I have is not spending a bit of money to really help me pack my items, move them with ease and unpack aka I should have hired a moving company. The biggest question is how to know which one is the right one for you.ย Weston Moving and Storageย is a top-rated on in Florida. I read a lot of reviews on their website that talked about the quality, compassion, and overall competitive rates that they offer their customers. Not only do they have a variety of services including commercial, labor, and moving safes in the Broward County area, but they also can help move your elders, large items or just pack your beloved possessions up.ย 

So without further ado, let me share with you how I moved out on a strict budget. 

  1. Phone a Friend

A friend in need is a friend indeed! Why is calling your homegirl the first option when youโ€™re moving with no funds? Well, your friend can point you in the right direction if thereโ€™s something that you need, or they might be able to provide: HELP! Yes, phone a friend, family member, associate WHOMEVER to assist. Maybe they have old furniture, or a moving truck, or arms and legs to physically lift things for you. Not only do they love you, THEYโ€™RE FREE. Those friends will keep you in your budget.

  1. Beg, Borrow, Steal

Not literally. Ok, maybe literally. โ€œMa, that old couch thatโ€™s been sitting in the basement, could I maybe, probably use it and never give it back?โ€ Yeah, BEG, BORROW AND STEAL. We all know those folks who never let anything go *coughs* *hoarder* *coughs.* This is the perfect time to pick up the phone and see if they are ready to let go of that old junk. Perhaps they arenโ€™t ready to let it go permanently, you can always โ€œborrowโ€ that old chair until tax time, right?

  1. Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp!

I got rid of and found some great gently used items via Craigslist and the Facebook Marketplace both times that I moved out before. I got a box spring and mattress set for my first apartment, and then recently I sold some of my old baby items via Facebook. I love these options also because you can set the location and swing by and pick it up the same day if necessary.

  1. Dollar Store Help

I plan on doing a whole post on Dollar Store finds. But my GOD! What have I been doing my whole life. I can do pretty much ANYTHING with good ole Dollar Tree, Dollar General or Family Dollar. Iโ€™m talking dรฉcor, storage, cleaning and cooking you guys. Please go to Pinterest and just begin reading about all the ways the items can be used that are only a dollar or around that price. Make a nice list and go out and buy. One thing Iโ€™ve noticed is all dollar stores are not created equally, so while we dream about champagne on a beer budget, you may have to travel outside of your city limits.

  1. Thrift Savings Plan

This was one of my first stops once my apartment was secured. I LOVE THE THRIFT STORE. So yes I will make a post about my thrifting experiences here in Maryland. Whether you are a DMVโ€™er or a Baltimore Raven, I will be up and down the Beltway to assist. I found the most beautiful vase for my dining room table and a pillow for my bed. I got them both for $7.00. Yup. Safe to say that was my first thrifting experience (I know hard to believe right) and it definitely was not the last!


If you havenโ€™t used it in 12 monthsโ€ฆdo you really need it? I wish I would have tossed more stuff away instead of being afraid of not having more stuff. Because now the same crap that sat in a big plastic bin under my bed in my moms basement, is in a big plastic bin under my bed in my own damn apartmentโ€ฆIf itโ€™s not worth savingโ€ฆthen donโ€™t. Less is more. Iโ€™m starting to learn that as I get older, the value in having things is 0. Toss the retainer from 2002, sis. And that B2K poster, love.


In certain instances, there are items we could eliminate OR use for a different purpose. Some people repurpose old dressers into bookshelves or ottomans for office chairs. Old photographs can be enlarged, or hung in frames, thereโ€™s no end in sight for what things can be used as.

Did you recently move? If so, what tips do you offer? Please share in the comments below!

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