5 Things New Parents Worry About But Shouldn’t

If you’re like many new parents, you know that bringing a new life into the world is a unique privilege, but it also comes with worry. There will be many things you don’t know and plenty of opportunities for on-the-job learning as you go. However, some concerns just aren’t warranted. Here are the five things many new parents worry about but shouldn’t.

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Bottle Feeding

It’s okay to bottle-feed your baby. Although experts agree that breastfeeding is best, that doesn’t mean it’s always possible for every new mother. If you can’t produce enough milk, are on a medication that would pass to the baby and cause harm, or otherwise simply can’t do it, the clear choice is just to feed your baby even if it means using formula. There’s no reason to feel guilty when the baby is getting the proper nutrition to grow and thrive, no matter the source.

Excessive Crying

It’s upsetting to hear your child crying because crying is associated with sadness for adults. However, babies cry when they’re hungry, tired, uncomfortable, or for any other myriad of reasons. Even when it seems excessive, most crying is a normal part of babies adjusting to life outside of the womb. It’s smart to check with your pediatrician if your child seems inconsolable or otherwise unwell, however.

Interrupted Sleep

It’s perfectly normal for babies to sleep in fits and spurts in the first several weeks of life. It’s not pleasant to get up several times a night, but realize that it doesn’t last forever, even if it feels like it already has. Babies eventually fall into a discernable pattern that also includes large chunks of sleep through the night.

Flat Spots

It’s best for infants to be placed on their backs to sleep, but many parents don’t know baby flat head when to worry. Flat spots can sometimes indicate torticollis, a condition where tight neck muscles prevent babies from properly turning their heads. Professionals should address that problem, but the flat spots are typically harmless and will get better with age.

Late Milestones

Many parents begin to worry when their babies don’t hit the milestones at the appropriate times. It’s important to remember that babies are unique and develop at their own pace. Generally, if the baby is still progressing in skills and not exhibiting any other concerning behaviors, a little delay isn’t an issue. However, parents should always seek the guidance of a pediatrician with such concerns.

Learning Opportunities

All new parents want the best for their babies, and many worry about whether they’re getting the proper mental stimulation. The reality is that every time you cuddle, play with, hold, and care for your baby, he or she is learning. Try reading a bedtime story or singing a favorite song to bond with your baby while laying the groundwork of knowledge about the world.

Whether it’s your first baby or you’re giving birth to a new sibling, bringing a new life into the world is fraught with worry. It’s important to do the right things to care for your baby, but loving and enjoying your baby shouldn’t be crowded out by anxiety.

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