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3 Tips for Moving With Pets

Making a move is a big deal, whether you’re moving down the street, across the country, or heading abroad. While moving with kids can be challenging enough, it’s another obstacle entirely when you have to move with a pet (or multiple pets!). 

For many people, the family pet is just that – part of the family. So, it’s important to make sure your four-legged friend is comfortable and taken care of throughout the move. Even though you might be stressed about the timeline of everything, make your pet a priority now, and you won’t have to stress about them during the move itself. 

So, what can you do to successfully move with your pet and make the experience easier for everyone? Let’s go over a few helpful tips. 

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1. Have Supplies on Hand

If you’re moving far away, you’re probably going to be doing some traveling. You might even need to stay overnight somewhere until you reach your destination. So, instead of packing all of your pet’s things into a box or sending them ahead to a self storage facility, make sure you have a “kit” on hand with things like food (and food dishes), toys, grooming tools, and litter if you have a cat. 

These items will help to keep your pet happy and comfortable if you’re on the road for a long time or if you have to make an overnight stop. 

2. Take Medical Records

It’s a good idea to contact your vet before you make a move if you’re going to a different area. Having your pet’s medical records will make it easy to find a new veterinarian in your new neighborhood. 

Additionally, your vet might be able to give you some practical advice on how to keep your pet calm and safe during the trip to your new home. Some animals have a harder time moving than others. So, if you’re worried about your pet dealing with anxiety or restlessness, the vet might be able to help. 

3. Keep Them Confined

If it’s possible, “move-in” to your house before you move with your pet. If you can go to your new home and set up as much as possible before bringing your animal in, it could make the transition much smoother. It’s estimated that 70% of dogs have anxiety. Bringing them into a new location and giving them free rein over everything might overwhelm them and make them scared of your new space. 

Instead, get as much set up as possible, and confine your pet to one room. Let them get used to their surroundings by slowly introducing them to other areas of the home, until they’re comfortable with every part of it. 

It shouldn’t take long for them to understand that they’re living somewhere new now, especially as familiar smells start to return and they realize you and your family are still there. 

Moving with your pet doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By keeping these tips in mind, you can make the experience much less stressful for you, your family, and your pet. 

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