17 Best Holiday Destinations for Travel Enthusiasts

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For many, traveling fulfills a type of joy. Very few other things can; after the devastating effects of the covid-19 pandemic, borders closed, and the traveling enthusiasts’ worst nightmare started. They couldn’t travel due to government restrictions and couldn’t wait for the limitations to end. As conditions start easing in most countries, these enthusiasts yet again have the chance of taking on new adventures and starting their traveling journey to a variety of different countries. Whether you’re looking for a warm sunny beach to relax on or you want to experience other cultures in different countries, there’s something for everyone. That said, here are 20 of the best travel destinations to consider next time you feel like going on an adventure.


What makes this destination so breathtaking is the culture, food, and pyramids. The country offers a range of things to satisfy any traveler’s needs for adventure or relaxation. If you want something more than just sunbathing on the beach, then take advantage of what this beautiful region has to offer with its rich history waiting to be explored. The age old temples in Egypt may also leave you breathless together with the rich history that comes with them.ย To experienceย the incredible journey and create memories to last a lifetime you just need to find a reliable tour company that canย plan your trip to Egypt.ย Once you’re there you’ll immerse deeply in Egyptian culture.


What was once considered one of the most challenging places in South America due to their stringent government policies, Peru is now open again as restrictions have been eased up when traveling through them. This welcomed change means visitors can enjoy what many call one of the best parts about visiting an area like Peru โ€“ not only does it provide access into areas that were once inaccessible, it also offers the opportunity to experience what many call one of America’s best-kept secrets.


What sets this destination apart from others is that you can explore what seems like an endless amount of different cultures in a single country. Visitors will be able to find themselves immersed in something new every day with each step they take. Whether you want ancient history or modern culture, India offers it all! If you’re looking for adventure, then there are unbelievable things such as rock climbing available at any given time.


What makes this country so great is that visitors will feel like they have gone back in time and can see what life was once like before the covid-19 pandemic hit. How people used to live their lives taking on a completely different type of experience than what has been seen elsewhere around the globe for centuries.


This destination is set apart from others in that visitors will find themselves immersed in what many call the perfect culture with great food, music, and art. While visiting this destination, what to do is a big part of the experience. There are many places where tourists can explore their creativity by taking in what life was like centuries ago before industrial society took over. In addition, there are unbelievable things such as rock climbing available at any given time. 


Those looking for an adventure with outdoor activities such as hiking or biking, then look no further because you’ll be able to find it all here! However, suppose your goal is relaxation. In that case, you should know there are plenty of places where travelers can enjoy tranquility, from hot baths to soothing music coming out of hidden speakers at every corner.


What makes Malaysia so sought-after is that visitors will experience what many call one of the most diverse countries around. In addition, it offers something new from a spiritual perspective, with temples available everywhere and down to experience what life was once like centuries ago before industrialized society took over.


Travelers looking for an adventure need not look any further because there are endless possibilities here! Whether it’s going on safari where you’ll see some amazing animals such as lions, elephants, or rhinos roaming free or taking a trip up Kilimanjaro where you’ll feel what it is like to be a part of what many consider the world’s greatest challenge, Tanzania has got what you need.


What sets Thailand apart from others is that visitors will find themselves immersed in ancient culture. In addition, they travel through one of the most bustling areas around, which happens to offer some places for relaxation and great food and entertainment. With some of the world’s favourite holiday resorts around the Phi-Phi Islands, youโ€™ll be speechless when you witness the crisp white sand and ocean blue water. 


And, what would a list of best destinations be without the U.K.? Besides offering visitors some of Europe’s most beautiful countryside scenery–whether in rolling hills or along its coastline–Scotland also has cities with cultural offerings that range from contemporary art galleries to theaters and opera houses. As for what it offers tourists looking for unique experiences: they might want to try what some experts say is the world’s most haunted house, located in Edinburgh.


Bethlehem is an option to consider, filled with history and culture like few other destinations and offering what many people would agree are the world’s most famous Christmas celebrations. Spend time exploring the historical sites of Bethlehem; take in a play at one of Bethlehem’s theaters or visit one of its galleries or museums, or if you’re looking for something more active, try your hand at climbing what some say is the indoor version of Mount Everest (and see what all that fuss about it being a popular destination among climbers means) and don’t forget your keffiyeh, you might just need it. In addition to these attractions, there’s also plenty to do on any given day–whether taking part in Jerusalem nightlife or enjoying a family holiday dinner while sitting around a traditional menorah.


This is what many people consider the most popular travel destination in the world. And for a good reason:

  • Dubai has a variety of attractions.
  • It’s an attractive place to visit.
  • It offers plenty of activities for visitors looking for something more than just relaxing on the beach or shopping at luxury malls.

In addition to its well-known landmarks like The Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world,) Dubai also boasts theme parks built into mountain sides, indoor ski slopes and snowboard areas with natural snowfall over 100 days per year, beaches lined with palm trees where you can swim alongside dolphins, not to mention some excellent restaurants!


This spot on our list might be less familiar to some travelers but just as intriguing. In what is now officially the world’s smallest country, Liechtenstein has a population of almost 37 thousand people and an area of just 160 square kilometers (62 miles) – yet it offers visitors plenty to see and do in that space: from hiking or biking through rolling green hills dotted with picturesque farmhouses to skiing on its seven slopes year-round.


Next on our best holiday destinations is France, which is a perennial favorite for international tourists looking for beautiful scenery. Beaches like those at Cannes or Nice are among Europe’s best; vast outdoor marketplaces filled with fresh produce and regional cheeses; excellent wine regions throughout the country. Without forgetting Paris’ iconic landmarks such as Notre Dame, the Louvre, and Arc de Triomphe.


This country on our list is also a favorite for tourists looking to experience what some people consider life’s greatest pleasures: Italy. It has a reputation as one of Europe’s most beautiful countries due in part to its spectacular natural landscapes, from snow-capped mountains like those near Turin or Venice down through green valleys dotted with vineyards and olive groves. From imposing vertical cliffs along stretches of coastline to flat plains that stretch towards Rome, don’t forget the pasta, which is practically an Italian national food! The number of different things to do also sets Italy apart, whether you want to experience what Italy offers through their artisans or taste and explore what they have in store for foodies. In addition Italy offers an amazing experience when it comes to delicate cuisines and wines, you can take olive farm tours and visit the best wineries in the world.


Greece offers some of the most aesthetically pleasing locations; many travelers would agree that it is one reason alone that makes it worth visiting. First: unparalleled archaeological sites such as the Acropolis of Athens, where you can wander among what remains of its ancient temples and monuments; second: beautiful seaside towns with picturesque harbor districts like those at Mykonos or Santorini–full of cafes and shops to explore.

Czech Republic

Perhaps one of the most underrated holiday destinations in Europe. The Czech Republic has a rich history dating back centuries; it’s home to historic cities such as Prague – which was once called “the jewel” by former U.S. President Bill Clinton. Full of architectural treasures that have been painstakingly preserved over time, not to mention galleries, museums, theaters, restaurants, and other attractions for visitors who want something more than just sightseeing while they’re there.

These are the top 20 travel destinations for those enthusiastic travelers in need of their next international holiday destination. 

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