Working from Home? Here’s How to Make the Most of It

The past year has been a pretty difficult one for many of us. We’ve had to get used to all sorts of change and it hasn’t always been exactly easy. The coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic was completely unprecedented and all of us have had to alter our day to day routines in order to comply with new government guidelines that have been implemented to slow and reduce the spread of the virus around the world. Social distancing has meant that we have been encouraged to spend more and more time within our own four walls, often, only leaving to collect essentials such as food or medication. This has meant that many businesses have had to close their commercial premises and ask their staff to work from home instead. Now, this has come hand in hand with plenty of perks. When you work from home, you get to cut out your commute, being able to wake up later in the morning and reducing spending on public transport or fuel. When you work from home, you can often wear more comfortable attire. You can make healthier lunches at a cheaper cost, being able to cook food in your own kitchen on your lunch break. At the end of the day, you can just sign out and get on with whatever you need, without having to worry about getting back home in rush hour traffic. However, there have been challenges too. Working on a remote basis is pretty different to what many of us are used to and lots are struggling to get used to the change. The good news is that there are plenty of steps that you can take to make working from home work for you and to ensure that you get the most out of your remote working experience. Here are a few suggestions that can really help you!

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Getting Used to the Change

Many of us may be struggling along, getting on with working from home without actually enjoying each day and simply accepting struggles that we may be experiencing from working from home, as we assume this can’t last much longer and that we’ll be back in the offices in next to no time. But it really is worth doing things to get used to the change and to accept this as your current way of working at least. Right now, nobody is sure just how long many of us will have to remain working from home. While vaccines are being rolled out, we’re waiting to see whether they make a sufficient impact to make returning to more social situations safe again. You may also find that many businesses are now planning on staying permanently remote. At the end of the day, many staff have proven that they can work just as productively from home, allowing companies to get the same value from them without the cost of commercial premises rent, overheads and other business costs. So, do your most to make the change acceptable and if you need to stick with it, it won’t be a negative blow for you.

Create a New Work Schedule

One of the first steps you should take when working from home is to make sure that you set yourself a new work schedule. Prior to the pandemic, many of us had routines that we went through everyday that kept our lives on track. However, working from can see this loosen or slip. Rather than getting up five minutes before you start working and rushing to open your laptop and sign in, make sure that you still get up giving yourself enough time to get ready and have some breakfast. This will make you feel more awake and ready for the day ahead. You should also create set working hours for yourself. When you work in an office, you generally close your laptop at the end of the day and leave your work until your return. But at home, it can be tempting to continue checking your emails or finishing projects beyond your working hours – especially while there’s little else to do with your free time. However, this should be avoided, as it can create an unhealthy work life balance and see you burn yourself out. Also make sure to take your breaks. Slot breaks into your calendar, accounting for the small tea or coffee breaks or bathroom breaks that you’d usually take in-office.

Create a Workspace

What many people are missing is a set workspace. When you work from an office, you have everything you need to be productive. You can try to recreate this environment in your own home. This will allow you to work productively and feel comfortable throughout the day A few areas to focus on could include:

  • Ensure you have a good internet connection – not all of us have the best internet connections in our own homes. But if possible, it may be worth upgrading. Having good internet speeds will allow you to work productively and will ensure that you are able to connect to video calls seamlessly. Search quality internet providers near me to find the best options available to you.
  • Sit with plenty of natural light – if you have a bright room or space in your home, try to work from here. This may sound like an odd suggestion, but natural light can make all the difference to your work. Our bodies regulate our sleep wake cycle with circadian rhythms. When we’re exposed to natural light, we know it’s day and perk up. When it’s dim or dark, your body will begin to wind down and you’ll get sleepy. Bright natural light can make all the difference to your working day!
  • Make sure you have ergonomic furniture – if possible, request some ergonomic furniture from your work or invest in some ergonomic furniture of your own. This is furniture that has been specially designed to support your body and encourage good posture. This reduces your chances of developing chronic strains or injuries. Ergonomic chairs and desks are a great place to start.

These are just a few suggestions when it comes to working from home, but hopefully, they can get the ball rolling and ensure you feel as productive and comfortable as possible in your own home workspace!

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