Why You Should Never Admit Fault After A Car Accident

When you are injured in an accident that you believe is a result of someoneโ€™s negligence, you are entitled to get compensation for the injuries. If you cause an accident, you will also be liable for compensating the victim. Therefore, you must not admit responsibility after an accident. Read on to learn the reasons why you should never admit fault after a car accident.

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You Lose Benefits

You will not be able to recover a settlement for damages if you admit fault in a vehicle collision. Compensation for damages in a car accident includes medical bills, loss of income, pain, and car repairs. You can still recover benefits even if you were partially wrong in the accident. There are different rules used in each state for assigning liability in a car crash. If comparative fault law is invoked, you can still get some money since liability is shared between the two parties involved. Determining liability in an accident is difficult, so you do not need to accept any wrongdoing.

Seek Legal Advice

Dealing with an auto crash can seem daunting since the process involves many things. You need to carry out investigations and file a compensation claim, but an attorney can help you in the entire process. If you are in Rio Rancho, you must immediately call your attorney after a car crash. You get peace of mind if you enlist the services of an auto accident lawyer in Rio Rancho to handle your compensation claim. Before you file a letter of demand to the defendant who in most cases is the insurance company, you must collect all evidence that can support your claim. The evidence you present determines the compensation that you can get for damages.

Investigations in a car accident involve many parties including the police and adjusters from insurance companies. One thing that you must know is that insurance companies are in business. The adjusters may sound compassionate to entice you to admit responsibility, so they pay little money for damages. To avoid this, you must let your attorney speak on your behalf. You have a legal right to remain silent, and this can save you from losing benefits and money paying the other person involved in the accident. Experienced accident attorneys know how to negotiate with insurance companies.

You are not Legally Obligated to Admit Liability

Another important aspect you should know is that there is no legal requirement that compels you to accept responsibility after an accident. You may feel guilty when you believe that you are responsible for the car crash, but you are not required to admit anything. Some people think that if they admit fault, this will speed up the litigation process. However, there is a danger that your insurance premiums can be increased once you have shown that you pose a high risk.

Additionally, the accident will reflect on your driving record which can cause problems in the future. Therefore, you must never say sorry to the police or adjusters from the insurance company. It is not your duty to apologize to anyone since investigators must determine liability in a car accident. Car crashes are caused by several factors, so do not rush to blame yourself.

You Will Be Liable for Paying Damages

Instead of getting compensation for the injuries sustained in an accident, you will be liable for paying damages to the other party if you admit fault. You will end up suffering a double tragedy of dealing with the aftermath of a crash and paying damages since insurance companies always want to offer little money. Therefore, you must leave the investigators to determine the cause of the accident.

Be Careful About Your Statement

You must be cooperative when dealing with law enforcement agents at the accident scene. Each statement you give is recorded in a police report, so you must be careful. Insurance companies can use the police report against you. Try to stick to facts and avoid assumptions that can compromise your statement. If the incident happens in Texas, you can later search for the TX crash report online with some of the accident’s basic information, such as your car’s VIN, the ZIP code, and the date.

Dealing with an auto accident is stressful since it involves a lot of things. If you are injured as a result of someone’s negligent driving, you are eligible to get compensation for damages. However, this may not happen if you also contribute to the accident and accept fault. Once you admit responsibility, you will be liable to compensate the victim, which may be costly. You will be forced to use out-of-pocket money to pay the damages. Most insurance companies do not compensate drivers involved in an accident for reckless behavior like driving under the influence (DUI).

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