What Cosmetic Procedures Are Americans Spending On?

Cosmetic surgeries are the best way to change your appearance. Since the 60’s and ’70s, celebrities have been enjoying the modernization of the industry. Now that the procedures are affordable for the general public, Americans can enjoy the same level of beauty professionals. 

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Is Cosmetic Surgery Safe?

You can enhance your looks with rhinoplasty without a huge health risk. This also applies to other cosmetic surgeries, minor or major. Patients are often recommended to cosmetic surgeons to relieve health symptoms. This is what the industry was created from before it began accepting beautification surgery. That means cosmetic surgery had a decade of practice the technicalities before it morphed into beautification treatments. It is one of the most notable and practiced forms of surgery available and continues to improve. 

Breast Augmentation

Enlargement of the breasts is a procedure that takes place over 300,000 times a year. Cases are mixed, and not all are meant for beauty purposes. Some women get the treatment to correct a physical irregularity in one breast. Others get it after overcoming cancer to cover up the scars of a double mastectomy. Breast augmentation is one of the most useful cosmetic surgeries to perform on women, and as a bonus has one of the shortest recovery times. 

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction has seen a rise due to multiple back issues with women. Body proportions matter with breasts, so one individual may have issues while another is fine. For women with serious back issues, breast reduction has been the key to relieving that pain. At one point, breast reduction surgery was considered a last resort. Due to advances in cosmetic surgery, breast reduction is now viewed as a favorable procedure. During the reduction, there is the possibility to enhance or tighten the skin around the breast. As a result, the reduction can turn into a successful beautification procedure.


Rhinoplasty is also known as a nose job. This is the type of cosmetic surgery you get when you want to reshape a nose. There are beautification benefits, but rhinoplasty is also an incredible way to gain a healthy lifestyle. A nose job can resolve sleep apnea, breathing problems, and asthma. A nose job is usually covered under insurance if it resolves health issues like a deviated septum. Even without insurance as a backup, rhinoplasty is flexible enough to not be a giant hit on finances. 


Liposuction is one of the most popular surgical procedures of all time. Even with competition from other dieting trends, liposuction has been the most efficient way to lose a massive amount of weight. The two types of liposuctions are tumescent and ultrasonic-assisted. The procedure is often confused with a tummy tuck, which is another type of weight-loss method. A major difference between the two is that liposuction is meant to get rid of fat in troublesome areas. Some patients combine tummy tucks with liposuction to get the best experience from their weight loss procedure. It’s completely optional but has fantastic results. 

Create A New Look

Everyone wants to be perfect, but the real gift is being unique. Cosmetic surgery allows you to gain a unique look in an instant. With patient-friendly prices, there is no better time than now to enjoy a new look. 

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