What To Do With Your Spare Bedroom?

If you have a spare bedroom in your home, it can be hard to know what to do with it, sure you could turn the room into a home gym or an office, but then what will you do if you want to have a guest stay the night?

By committing your spare room to any individual activity can be wasteful and cause you to lose out on the potential benefits of the room. If you fill a spare room with work out gear, you canโ€™t use that space as a play area for your children, or a working space if you work from home.

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So, when you have a spare bedroom in your home, that youโ€™re not sure what to do with, you should investigate how you can make it into a multipurpose room, where you can have the best of culmination of a little bit of everything, rather than going full tilt into one design concept.

By having a multipurpose room you can tick off different boxes: you want to be able to have overnight guests? That can be done; you want a quiet area to work? That can be integrated; or even if you want to have a space to exercise? That can be added into the space. So today weโ€™ll look at what you can do to turn an empty bedroom into a brilliant multipurpose room.

Treat Floorspace Like Gold

When turning a spare bedroom into a multipurpose room, there is nothing more important than managing your floorspace as it is limited and with different elements to add, there is a level of comprimise that youโ€™ll need to make for everything to fit.

The best way to free up floorspace is to replace the bed in your spare bedroom with a sofa bed. A sofa bed has the utility to be both a sofa for relaxation and a bed for guests, while also taking up considerably less floorspace than a traditional bed. Another way you can free up floorspace if to use multipurpose storage and flexible furniture. An example of flexible furniture would be having a work desk which can be folded down from a wall, giving you the option to use a desk, without permanently occupying any floorspace.

Versatile Lighting

Whenever you decorate any room in your home, you should know that almost always the most important element will be how that room is lit, lighting a room is a simple enough affair for single use rooms, but when you want a multipurpose room, things get a bit harder as you want ideal lighting for all the different activities and they donโ€™t always match up.

For lighting thereโ€™s two areas to consider, natural light and added light, natural light will involve your windows and added light will involve lamps and lights. First looking at the windows, in your multipurpose room youโ€™ll want light during the day and no light at night when itโ€™s used as a bedroom, so investing in some double roller blinds is a good choice as they allow you to use one blind during the day to keep a room light and another at night to keep light out of the bedroom. Then for added lighting, that comes down to personal choice, ceiling lights and a tactically placed lamp should be more than enough.

Segment The Room

In your multipurpose spare bedroom, itโ€™s important to break the room into easy to manage segments rather than have the whole room as a mix-match area. While the boundaries donโ€™t need to be incredibly defined, it will make your life a lot easier to have some level of separation. 

A good way to get your room separated would be to have different areas along the sides of the room with an open space in the middle of the room. A set up like this could involve, having a sofa bed along one wall, a small desk and PC along another, with a treadmill and some weights along another wall, which gives you three distinct zones (bed, office, gym) to work with, as well as retaining some space in the middle of the room for other activities.

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