5 Ways To Get Creative With Neon Lights In Your Home Decor Project

So, you have taken up another DIY home decor project this year. And, of course, you have neon lights on your mind for your project. Why else would you be here, otherwise?

But, let us break it down to you; decor with lights is not an easy one.

Not only do the lights illuminate your rooms but they also become a part of the overall design scheme. Essentially, they can make or break your decor in more ways than you can imagine.

Perhaps, the challenge gets tougher when you choose to decorate your home with neon lights.

Thankfully, we’ve got you some inspiration.


Follow up below and fill in yourself with 5 ways that we believe you can decorate your home with neon lights.

Geometric Shapes

The easiest way to decorate any room in your home with blazing signs is to use them as geometric shapes.

It is especially a good idea if you already have a geometric decor theme.

In fact, you need not limit yourself to common geometric shapes such as circles, triangles, and quadrilaterals.

You can go beyond and even choose bold shapes such as stars or conicals or even spheres.

The point is to be as playful with the shapes as possible.

Playful Ideas

Since we are referring to playful ideas, why not get really playful with the signboards.

For instance, you can get custom neon signs for the PacMan game to hang over your bed. How cool is that?

Or you can get yourself something more adult such as a Chicken Dinner sign inspired by PUBG.

Indeed, there is a lot to play with, but only if you are bold enough to try it.

Calligraphic Designs

If you wish for something more subtle and elegant you can go for a calligraphic neon sign.

You can even choose a sign in the language you prefer, be it Hindi, Mandarin, or even Arabic.

Just think of a beautiful word or short phrase in any language and you can get it designed by a custom neon signs vendor.

You would also need to decide the font style family that would go with your other decor elements.

Retro-Style Bar

Now, this one is more specifically suited if you have a miniature bar at home.

Well, you can create a retro-style bar by installing neon glaze lights either behind the counter or around your seating area.

Just imagine the vibe and feel it would give you, taking you back into those disco years of baggy jeans and pleated hair.

You can even add retro-styled furniture to complete the look. For instance latex seats and leatherette textures on walls.

Keep Yourself Motivated

Last but not least is using neon lights to write yourself a self-assuring quote in your bedroom or living area.

Not only would it be a stellar decor piece but also add to the positivity of your home.

Try to pick phrases that help you stay motivated or pumped up.

Or, if you are into stoicism, you can also put up some biblical phrases on your walls.

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