Ask These 6 Questions to Ensure You’re Hiring a Skilled Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured, then securing fair compensation is your legal right. Of course, this is easier said than done as there’s a legal process that often involves the other party trying to dismiss your claims. You’ll be fighting with insurers and the at-fault party all the while trying to recover physically and mentally. Therefore, you need the best legal team on your side to incessantly fight for what’s fair, and make things easier for you. The consequences of choosing the wrong lawyer could be irreparably harmful. So, on that note, ask these 6 questions to ensure you’re hiring a skilled personal injury lawyer. 

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  1. How Will My Case Be Handled Financially?

There’s no point in getting into details with a law firm you’re interviewing if you cannot afford their legal fees. That’s why one of the first questions you need to ask is: how much will this cost? You also need to ask what their policy is when it comes to financial matters; is there a “No fee if no recovery” policy or are you charged for their services regardless of the outcome? Furthermore, while on the subject of finances, check how they will financially take on your case. Do they have the resources to fight your case? After all, you want to ensure they will do everything to win your case, which means they should have the financial means to do so as well. 

  1. Do You Have Experience With Personal Injury Cases?

There are many areas that an attorney specializes in. Some specialize in over one field, so it’s really important that you hire a lawyer according to your needs. Personal injury cases need to be in the hands of a professional who is well-versed in personal injury law and the state’s law. In California, it is recommended by Davis personal injury lawyers that you choose a lawyer with lots of experience dealing with these kinds of cases and one that is locally based. This way, you can ensure they know the legal processes in your area and can refer you to locally-based professionals that can help build a solid case. Without the requisite experience, your lawyer will be unable to properly handle your case, and this will only be to your detriment. 

  1. What Does The Process Look Like?

You have a right to know the course your case will take. This prepares you for eventualities, such as your case going to trial. It also helps you gauge what this attorney plans to do to ensure your case is solid, and determine whether they’re a wise choice. Does your attorney sound overly confident without actually offering a step-by-step approach, or do they talk with conviction and include how to prevent the other party from finding loopholes? Do they also show how they intend to handle curveballs thrown from the defendant? The goal here is to find a legal representative that considers what will go wrong to ensure they have a backup plan to win, regardless. 

  1. Who Will Take On My Case?

When interviewing a law firm, make sure you get to sit down and communicate with the person who will handle your case. Often, you are assigned a lawyer that you have yet to meet. So, ensure you ask who will take your case so you can ask them questions. Meeting with the lawyer in question is going to help you determine whether you can create a client-attorney relationship that makes the process comfortable and effective. 

  1. What Level of Participation is Required?

You ought to know how an attorney plans to delve into your case and how much input is required of you. Understandably, your input will be solicited when it comes to gathering evidence and trying to jot down details of the incident; however, most victims prefer to focus on their recovery and find it difficult to handle excess stress. So you should ask whether your lawyer can handle the case without your full participation. 

  1. Why Should I Choose You?

Putting a potential legal representative on the spot like this can help you determine how skilled they are to handle your case. If your attorney answers this question in a way that is fact-based on how they can ensure your compensation with a detailed description of their approach, this can put your mind at ease. This is also the time to ask for certifications and the attorney will use this chance to boast about the cases they have won, showing you that they know what they’re talking about. 

It isn’t easy putting your future in the hands of a stranger and that’s why it’s crucial to do your due diligence before hiring a lawyer. Make sure you ask these 6 questions and consider taking notes to compare the different law firms and prices. You want to find a legal representative that is easy to communicate with and has a well-thought-out plan to win your case and make it as stress-free for you as possible. 

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