A Beginner’s Guide To Urban Gardening: How To Find The Top Equipment

Who says a garden is necessary to grow your fresh vegetables? Through urban gardening, itโ€™s pretty easy to grow herbs and vegetables while not having to worry about owning a home with a huge backyard. Urban gardening not only allows you to produce your own food but also gives you room to connect with nature, making it a healthy and relaxing activity. 

When starting an urban garden, you need landscaping tools to make the most out of your space. However, buying unnecessary tools will only cost you the money you do not need to be spending. Stick with us as we share with you the most essential tools required to start your urban farming endeavors without compromising on quality.

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Protective Gloves

Without gloves, it becomes difficult to handle plants and the chances of pricking yourself or catching a splinter are much higher. This simple yet effective tool is the first purchase every urban gardener should look into. Here are a few things to keep in mind when finding the right pair of gardening gloves:

  • The gloves should be made of a thin, durable, and lightweight material so that delicate processes like planting seeds could be done with ease.
  • The gloves should fit perfectly in your hands and allow movement in every direction possible.
  • The material used to make gloves should be water-resistant.

Hand Pruners

This tool is used to cut branches, trim deadwood, and maintain the plantโ€™s shape. There are several types of pruners, each with a slightly different function.

  • Bypass pruners are best for trimming green wood plants.
  • Anvil pruners cut off deadwood with immaculate precision.
  • Ratcheting pruners can be used by individuals with less than average muscle strength.

Sitting Area

Any garden, no matter how big or small, should definitely have a nice sitting area! This sitting area could be something as simple as a couple of chairs, but you can make it as elaborate as you want such as an outdoor couch, an umbrella stand for wind, parasol, table, and so much more. When it comes to your urban garden you can utilize the space to your liking. This can include adding some cute dรฉcor like cushions, adorable pots, or maybe even a potting bench into the mix. This means if you prefer to have more of an area where you can just lounge and take in the view, then you can definitely do that!

What matters most is just being out in the garden and enjoying it. Urban gardening just proves that you donโ€™t have to have a whole lot of space like in the suburbs or the countryside in order to grow your vegetables and to be in touch with nature. Urban gardens open up the opportunity to help save the environment by producing our own fruits and vegetables.

 It also has the ability to help save the Earth. Gardening not only gives back to mother nature but it also allows mother nature to continue thriving. Gardening helps with allowing bees to pollinate, cut back on plastic, find more eco-friendly solutions, and cut back on greenhouse gases, and reduce your carbon footprint by relying on yourself to produce food rather than purchasing from major farms or grocery stores.


This gardening essential makes it easy to mix soil, dig perfect holes into pots, and move soil from one area to another. A perfect spade should have blade treads, a strong wood handle, and be made of rust-free material.


Think of loppers as an extended version of pruners that can easily cut hard-to-reach branches. This tool also can cut the thicker branches that pruners are unable to.


Urban gardening is all about utilizing the maximum space and getting the most out of your efforts. Consider the options you have when it comes to gardening. For example, most apartment buildings donโ€™t have enough terrace space to allow big soil pots to be placed or you simply just donโ€™t have enough time to tend to your plants every single day. For problems like these, urban gardening experts at harpersnurseries.com suggest considering options like hydroponics and indoor garden plantations. Or, if you want to utilize vertical space, you can also do tower-like planters that could provide you with fresh herbs for the kitchen. So always plan beforehand and make an informed choice while keeping in mind your limitations.


Available in a variety of sizes, weeders can easily eradicate weeds by pulling them out from their roots. You have to place a weeder around the weed, push it into the soil, and pull up to remove the unwanted plant with ease. 

Watering Wands

Whether you have to water hanging plants or far-to-reach soil containers, water wands work perfectly for these scenarios. These are available in a lot of lengths so choose the one that suits your needs. The water flow is also controllable so you donโ€™t have to worry about overwatering the plants.


For people who want to try urban gardening in their backyard, a rake is an indispensable item that can easily mix up the soil, compost, and collect leaf debris from the yard.

Watering Cans

With loads of colors, sizes, materials, and nozzle options to choose from, watering cans are a must-have when you are growing vegetables in your garden. Metal cans are sturdy and rust-free when compared to plastic ones. However, pick one that you could easily carry and tip over with minimum effort.

Garden Hose

Urban gardening in yards or open spaces requires something more than just watering cans to fulfill the daily water requirements. Garden hoses are a good choice for these gardens. They come with different diameters and adjustable nozzles so that you could control water pressure and the area that needs to be watered.

These were our picks for the essential equipment you might need if you are planning to start urban farming. Gardens are indeed peaceful spaces that can help you improve your wellbeing, let you appreciate the aesthetics of nature, and provide you with organic foods. Still, necessary knowledge is mandatory to grow a plant from a seed and successfully harvest it, so never stop learning and explore ways you could use to take care of your garden in a professional manner.

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