Top 5 Reasons People Love to Read Poetry

People who like poetry like different types of poems for different reasons โ€“ it is kind of like food or music to poem lovers. While it might sound like a silly statement to blatantly express that poem can be like food for someone, the thing about the different types of poetry is that these fit different moods, occasions, and purposes โ€“ just like food or music.

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Now, if you are into poetry, you might as well wonder about how to write a poem; you might choose a genre first. However, let us talk about the essential reasons why one would want to read and enjoy poetry.

Without further ado, let us jump straight into the list of reasons to read poetry or poems.

Read on to learn more!

Poetry Helps People Process Emotions

First things first โ€“ not all poems are emotional. With that said, some poems are highly emotional and allow readers to process their deep emotions.

Poets use language and metaphors to relate to human experience. A popular reason people enjoy poetry is that poems allow you to go through images and vocabulary that can help you innately process your emotions.

Poems carry words that allow you to clarify the way that you feel. You will be going through different phases of life where you will be filled with different emotions that you might not be ready to deal with. While this will be hard in itself, you will find that poetry will be your best friend in those moments.

Have you ever wondered why certain poems tend to go viral in times of natural tragedy? The underlying reason is that poetry has the power to help us process our deepest emotions.

Poetry Offers Wisdom

Disclaimer alert โ€“ not all poems have wisdom, but there are certainly some poems that do โ€“ it all comes down to the poet. The sense of wisdom incorporated in those poems are actually lessons that are applicable to all sorts of situations and interpretations. It comes down to the readers of the poem and how they take the wisdom.

Some people read poetry to receive advice and wisdom about gratitude and pay attention to the smaller and usually glossed-over things in life.

Poetry asks its readers to pay attention, and this aspect carries wisdom on its own.

If you are someone who is getting into poetry for the first time, then you can immensely benefit from some poem-reading tips. For instance, you might want to get into each and every while re-reading it a couple of times.

The thing about re-reading is that it helps you unlock meaning. Also, try to read the poem out loud โ€“ even if you feel silly doing that. If you are by yourself, there is no need to feel silly as no one is there to judge you.

When it comes to reading and understanding poetry โ€“ it is the sound, the feel of the words on your tongue, and the general feel of it that helps you unlock meaning. However, you could also try reading the poem to someone else.

Poetry Has Some Fascinating Characters

Some stories are liked for their plot while others are liked for their characters, which is also true for poetry. You might understand what we are talking about if you have read some long poems, such as The Odyssey by Homer.

The character of Odysseus is absolutely fascinating โ€“ but you can also find fascinating characters in short poetry. Some poems might place you into the head of some interesting characters as you will be reading their monologue.

Poetry Stimulates the Mind

Yes, you read this one right โ€“ some people actually prefer reading poetry when it is difficult and challenging to decipher. You might think of it in the same way as some people like crossword puzzles as they like to be challenged by something clever.

Also, there is a certain joy in giving something your full attention and struggling with it to figure it out.

For instance, most people like to read the poetry of John Donne โ€“ the famous English poet. The thing about John Donne is that he is very clever and difficult. But, if you succeed at figuring out his poetry โ€“ it is always rewarding.

Some of his poems are fun while others are dark โ€“ but his poems are always clever, and his poetry is like philosophy or a piece of logic puzzle that needs to be sorted out.

That said, if you like the game, then you will like his hard poetry, and you will love matching your wits with John Donne to see if you can keep up with the poet. So, it is fun to solve a puzzle โ€“ especially if the puzzle has some meaning and possibly some wisdom.

Poetry Promotes a Sense of Community

The simple fact about poetry is that it brings people together. For instance, spoken poetry allows people to tell their stories to a group, and if you donโ€™t like the poetry that is taught in high school, you might still love to become a participant in a poetry community.

You might as well become an audience member of a spoken-word poetry night. Sometimes, when a poet has a fan base or a poem has a certain history โ€“ some people and admirers form communities around those certain poems.

For instance, you might find a community of admirers and supporters of Homer or Chaucer. Joining communities allows you to discuss and share your thoughts on certain verses, share stories, and even inside jokes.

Reading a poem written by your favorite poet with other people will knock you off from the usual script. You will be inclined to ask questions, probe into theories, collectively take a piece of writing as seriously as possible, and treat every word as special and sacred.

And this act or practice will help you connect with the people you do it with. So, if for no other reason, you should read poetry for the sense of community it helps you build and the subsequent connections that you will make.

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