11 Amazing Ways You Can Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

The right home renovations are not only cost-effective in the long term, but they can be more environmentally friendly as well. Most homes have an initial ten-year life cycle, so opting to remodel rather than buying a new one is better for the environment.

Utilizing renewable energy is an amazing way to contribute to your environment. This can be achieved by using solar panels or other cutting-edge technologies. Additionally, you can make great use of recycled materials in your remodeling project. You’ll have a new, more energy-efficient house once you’re done.

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Thereโ€™s no denying climate change. Here are some amazing ways to make your home eco-friendly. 

  1.  Deconstruct

Deconstructing a portion instead of demolishing is one good idea for sustainable home design. Consider taking a trip around the house first to see what you can reuse and salvage. It is a resourceful and money-efficient method of remodeling the house. You might be able to salvage things like molding, light fixtures, cabinets, doors, tiles, and bricks.

Consider reusing something from another room rather than throwing it away. If you simply demolish without saving anything, you will have to purchase new things. That is not cost-effective or environmentally friendly.

  1.  Smart Water Flow Devices

Installing eco-friendly features in your house can be a great way to go green. Even our bathrooms can use some environmentally friendly changes, to reduce clean water wastage.

Our toilets can rack up to twenty-seven percent of our daily water usage. In fact, some toilets use more than thirteen liters of water each time we flush.

Therefore, we must switch to smart water flow plumbing systems and devices. To save water, you must replace the faucets on your sink, toilet, and shower with low-flow smart models.

Consider getting a dual-flush system as well. Using one button can flush solid waste while the other can flush liquid waste. There are numerous dual-flush systems on the market, some of which go for as cheap as fifteen dollars. 

Add smart flow governors to the sinks and showers. These devices improve water wastage. Low-flow devices in toilets can help you maximize water recycling as well.

  1.  Exteriors With Eco-Friendly Items

Avoid using harmful paints in your home. Instead, paint the house using eco-friendly paint. A very good option is solvent-free paint or paints that have resins and plant oils. An amazing option is to get a “green roof”. Itโ€™s a roof that is partially or entirely covered with natural vegetation.

The use of green roofs can increase the elegance of your house. Green roofs are extremely easy to install. You can mount it on tiny garages or on any other portion of your home.

Additionally, you can add green roofs on both new and old roofs. This roof can survive in areas along with other installments. For instance, you can easily keep a green roof along with your solar panels.

Ceramic roofs are a good alternative if you donโ€™t want to go for a green roof. Avoid using asphalt tiles at all costs. Itโ€™s harmful and warms your house on sunny days.

  1.  Use of Woods

One of those areas where remodeling truly enhances the beauty of the house is the floor. There are so many eco-friendly options available for you. For example, wood boards that are reclaimed are an amazing option.

Installing it correctly can keep the floor unwarped for ages. Scaffold boards are an amazing alternative as well. Works great with floors and walls.

Another great option is cork. Itโ€™s renewable and you can easily get it from one single tree for multiple decades. It is springy and soft and very popular for maintaining temperature. Cork trees work as carbon filters. These trees can reduce almost thirty percent of the carbon from plantation areas.

Bamboo is another good option. The sheer resistance to different seasons and the ability to wave off the damages is unbelievable.

Bamboos are cheap, so consider adding some bamboo products to your home as well if you are planning for bamboo floors and walls.

  1.  Ventilation

There are several homes that were made in areas with radon levels very high. Radon is one of those factors that can cause cancer. Always check for the radon level of the area before buying a new home. High-level radon can definitely decrease your overall health standard drastically.

Donโ€™t worry if you have bought a house in a high radon area. You can easily find an affordable radon ventilation system. Install it in your basement and you are good to go. However, you have to ensure that there is enough room in the basement for the ventilation system.

Additionally, you should always keep a plan for larger windows and ventilation space if you are remodeling or renovating the house. This will help keep your home eco-friendly.

  1.  Energy-Saving Accessories

Consider getting energy-efficient accessories to make your home eco-friendly. Eco-friendly freezers, dishwashers, ovens, washing machines and refrigerators can help with saving up money and energy. 

Donโ€™t forget about getting a bunch of good energy-saving LED lights as well. Replacing your regular lights with LED ones can cut down fifteen percent of your monthly electricity bill.

Regular light bulbs are infamous for producing excess heat. They use ten percent energy to produce light and waste ninety percent of the energy as heat. 

LED lights use much less energy to produce light. It does not even produce that much heat as well. Some LED lights can last more than twenty-two years.

  1.  Quality Insulation

Nothing beats a high-quality insulation system. You can protect yourself and your home from so many hazardous situations with a top-notch one.

You can survive the hot and sunny summer days with bad insulation but the chances of surviving during winter are very low. You may even get into a huge debt if your insulation is not good enough. 

You need to insulate your roofs as well. A good one will help save money by reducing energy costs. You get to reduce your carbon footprints as well.

Good quality insulation will keep your house warm during winter and cool on sunny days. Itโ€™s an important process to keep an eco-friendly environment inside the house that reduces overall wear and tear.

  1.  Solar Panel

Take advantage of the sun’s strength and renewable energy source by making good use of it! Solar panels are more than capable to provide you with enough electricity. This will help you to have enough electricity for all night. You can use it as much as you want without worrying about anything. 

Opting for solar panels can reduce your cost of electricity and environmental pollution along with the process. A renowned study claims that if one house of each ten goes full solar, they can save up to thirty percent cost from their annual spending. 

The installation cost can go very high though. Get a DIY solar panel system instead. Installing it can seem a bit tricky at first but itโ€™s actually simple. There are many tutorials available that you can use. A small solar panel system wonโ€™t cost you more than two hundred dollars.

  1.  Recycled Glass

You will easily find stores selling bio-glasses. It is affordable and easily replaceable. A lot of home improvement shops put up big promotional sales on bio-glasses. It is a type of glass that is eco-friendly. A good bio-glass wonโ€™t look much different than regular glass. 

These recycled bio-glasses are an amazing addition to the bedrooms and kitchen. It helps bring more lights into your room. A room full of bright natural sunlight just makes it even more eco-friendly. And the brighter your room is, the lesser electricity you will need.

Do give it a strong thought if you are remodeling the house. You can save money and time.

  1. Water Filters and Refrigeration

Get a good water filter while remodeling the kitchen. It will help reduce the usage of unnecessary plastic-made water bottles. Plastic bottles harm our environment immensely. With a water filter in your kitchen, you get to save the environment and some money altogether.

Additionally, install filters in areas where the most natural lights shine through. It helps reduce dependency on water heaters which will help save money on electricity. The natural warmth and sparkling sunlight will keep your water warm. 

However, keep your freezers and refrigerator away from windows. Move away the ovens and other appliances if it is closer to refrigerators. Freezers and refrigerators can eat up a huge chunk of electricity if kept in hot spots.

  1. Heating System

The majority of homes require an additional heating system. Especially in the winter seasons. But most heating systems use electricity. However, think about heating the house naturally. 

Grounded heat pumps can draw energy from the soil through underground pipelines. It can keep the house warm and the water reservoir hot. 

A renewable system can help make your home much more eco-friendly than any other appliance. Itโ€™s affordable but requires regular maintenance.


It’s not a difficult task to find a way to remodel your house while protecting the environment. Now that you know, use these eco-friendly renovation ideas to give a new look to your home. 

These suggestions are not limited to your house only. You can make your workplace, shops, or business eco-friendly as well. It helps you to become money smart and environmentally friendly at the same time.

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