The Basic Costs of Painting the Exterior of a House

The cost to paint a house’s exterior depends on several factors, such as square footage and the type of paint you choose. Hiring a professional painter is an excellent way to give your house a new look. Get quotes from different painters in your area and compare prices. You can also save money by painting yourself. However, hiring a professional painter is probably the best option if you’re not a handyman.

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Cost of primer

If you’re painting the exterior of your home, you may wonder why you should use a primer.  According to the experts in exterior paint service, primers help your paint adhere to the surface, preventing it from sinking into the bare surface. You don’t have to use primer on good walls. If you’re replacing the paint on an older home, you can choose a color that closely matches the old paint’s shade.

Many major paint brands sell quality levels. Primers are typically applied before painting. Primers help the paint adhere to the surface and seal in stains. Although not all characters need primer, using it on exposed surfaces, including concrete.

Cost of semi-gloss or high-gloss paint

You should consider several factors when deciding on the paint sheen for your house exterior. While high-gloss paint has a high sheen, it’s better suited for smaller areas, such as trim or doors. High-gloss colors are also easier to maintain and clean, highlighting surface imperfections. If you plan to paint large areas of your house with high-gloss paint, opt for a more matte finish.

When choosing paint for your house exterior, consider quality and brand. For example, high-gloss paint is expensive, but you get more paint per gallon. You can also buy a higher-end paint if you want it to last a long time. Generally, the higher-end brand costs about 50 to 70 percent more than lower-grade paint.

Cost of latex paint

The cost of latex paint for the exterior of your house will vary depending on the finish you choose. It will usually cost between $20 and $50 per gallon. Satin paint is a good option for a low-cost house exterior finish. Satin paint is easier to clean and dries quickly, while acrylic latex is better for painting vinyl siding. While it costs more than oil-based paint, satin paint is also less expensive than oil-based paint and offers excellent coverage. However, this type of paint may crack and become yellow if exposed to UV rays for a long time.

A good primer is essential when painting the outside of your house. While you might not need a primer for every surface, using one will minimize the cost of painting your house exterior. Latex-based primers are also easy to clean and inexpensive compared to oil-based and shellac-based primers. However, you should not forget that the cost of latex paint for house exteriors does not account for the cost of primer or siding materials.

Cost of latex paint with primer

When repainting latex-based walls, using a self-priming paint is usually more efficient. This type of paint is thicker than standard latex paint, so it covers more surface area in fewer coats. In addition, its premium grade allows for easy cleanup and a better finish. Self-priming paint is also appropriate for changing colors over latex-based surfaces because it offers better coverage than standard paint. In addition, it can save you money by avoiding three coats of expensive paint.

If you plan to paint your interior walls, acrylic latex paint is a good choice. The cost is around $20 per gallon and it offers a glossy finish. Moreover, it is easy to clean and contains low or no VOCs. It also takes just a few hours to dry. However, this type of paint is less durable than the other two types and is not recommended for wet climates.

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