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6 Solid Tips That Will Help You Become Better At Making Your Own Coffee

If you are a coffee lover you must have had instances when you tried to prepare your own coffee from home especially the times you crave to have coffee, but you cannot get it as you like it. You, therefore, need to learn these 6 solid tips that will help you become better at making your own coffee regardless of the coffee machine you use and how fancy you want to enjoy your coffee. Read below.

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Use Whole Bean Coffee

Your barista can tell you the importance of whole bean coffee. Visit your local coffee roaster and purchase some coffee beans. However, you can also grind the coffee beans yourself. Whole bean coffee is fresher and full of flavor, unlike the already ground coffee. Coffee baristas at blank ink coffee reveal that with fresh coffee beans you can comfortably make your own espresso, although you also must also invest in a good coffee making machine. You must have noted by now that many coffee manufacturing companies conceal the dates their coffee is roasted lest keen people fail to buy their coffee beans. Your local store can thus be a good place to buy fresh beans. Remember the value and flavor of coffee decrease with time, so you can have a blast with fresher coffee.

Store Your Whole Beans Efficiently

How you store your coffee determines whether your coffee shall retain its quality or not. You can use a vacuum-sealed container to store your coffee. A standard mason jar is a good place for you to store your fresh beans of coffee. Also, note that the size of the jar you use to store your beans is also critical in keeping the quality. A ceramic canister is also a good storage avenue for your coffee. Remember to store your coffee beans in canisters that can shield your beans from sunlight. Dark-colored ceramic containers or glasses can help you keep your beans fresher. Do not freeze your coffee beans as they can absorb some moisture which can alter their taste.

Grinding Matters

To enjoy the maximum flavor, brew your coffee immediately you grind it. Only grind the amount of coffee you need to brew at a go otherwise storing ground coffee can lower its quality. Unfortunately, coffee begins to lose its flavor thirty minutes after grinding.  Have a consistent grind of coffee so that your coffee grinds are not too coarse as you can have a weak coffee pot and too fine coffee grinds can over-extract your coffee giving it a bitter taste. If you are using a drip coffee maker, medium-sized coffee grounds are good for you.

Have A Scale

To brew better, you should accurately measure your coffee as the right amount of coffee mixed with water can give you a reasonably strong cup of coffee. If you are brewing a whole bean have 180grams of it in every carafe. Likewise, if you want to make 6 cups of coffee for your friends and yourself, you need 90grams of whole beans. Good coffee is void of variables. Use the same amount of water for a similar unit of coffee anytime you are preparing your coffee. You can acquire a digital scale to measure accurate amounts of coffee and water.

Brew Your Coffee To The Right Temperatures

The recommended brewing temperatures are between 195 and 205 degrees. If you are using high-end models of coffee makers, they have a manual temperature adjustment to ensure your coffee gets to the right temperature. You can also use a thermometer to measure the temperatures. Temperatures above 205 degrees can also burn your coffee so ensure you keep check of the temperatures.

Your Water Quality Matters

If your tap runs hard water, then you should consider getting some fresh soft water. The minerals in your hard water might not bond with your coffee grounds, and thus you can end up with under-extracted coffee. The minerals can also cause a build-up in your coffee maker reducing its lifetime. Distilled water on the contrary has a balanced level of minerals that can readily bond with your coffee grinds giving you a good coffee extract. Filtered water is also perfect for espressos.

With well-filtered water, a good coffee maker, whole beans, good storage of your coffee, and a scale to accurately measure water and coffee,  you can make the best coffee on your own. Ensure you buy fresh whole beans as they have the best flavor. Likewise, you should avoid exposing your coffee to low temperatures as you can have an under-extracted cup of coffee.  Have medium coffee grinds to have a perfect cup of coffee. Your coffee storage can help you retain the quality of your coffee so use the appropriate storage mechanisms.

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