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Know These 7 Tips on How to Properly Manage Wastes at Events

Events are an important part of our culture as human beings. From weddings to birthday parties, graduation, anniversaries, and the like, events are held to celebrate achievement and keep the special day fresh in the memories of the host and their guests. Needless to mention, they also present an opportunity for people to improve their bond and even make new lasting friendships.

However, parties are also associated with a fair amount of trash and litter at the end. This is especially if you are serving food, drinks, and other refreshments. It often feels like a nightmare to the host when they have to clear all the mess the next day. The good news is that with proper preparation and creativity, you can minimize the effort spent in collecting and clearing wastes from your property after the party. In this piece, we shall look at a few tips you can use to properly manage waste at events.

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1. Invite by Mail (Or Email) 

Events are part and parcel of our lives. From birthdays to anniversaries, graduation ceremonies, weddings, and the like, a superb event embraces practical waste management practices without compromising the environment in the future. Most of us have attended events where we are told to carry an invitation card, or a ticket to enter. Once the event comes to an end, you find piles of cards all over the venue. Sending an invitation through the mail is one of the perfect ways of cutting waste management efforts. If you are environmentally conscious, it will save you from collecting tons of litter after the event.  

2. Have Skip Bins at Strategic Points 

One of the main reasons events get messy with waste is the lack of proper placement of trash bins. If the guests canโ€™t easily access the litter bin, they will feel free to drop litter wherever they deem fit. If you donโ€™t have enough litter bins, you can consider hiring some from a professional skip bin provider. As most people who have worked with will tell you, it can be difficult to estimate the skip bin sizes and the numbers you need for your event or waste disposal needs. The good news is that it gets easier with the help of a pro. You can choose between 2mยณ and 12mยณ depending on the size of your event and the amount of waste you project to deal with. They help make waste management a breeze.

3. Consider Renting and Using Recyclable Crockery

Have an upcoming event, and you are wondering how you will manage your waste easily? Well, using recyclable plates and spoons will save you a great deal. To manage waste at your event, ensure you use recyclable flatware. Also, avoid plastic packaging, cling papers, and foil. They canโ€™t be reused, so they are a hazard to the environment.

Instead of buying your own crockery, consider hiring. Consider using rented ceramic crockery and cutlery, decorations, backdrops from family or catering companies. It will cut down on waste tremendously.

4. Educate Your Guests

Some little knowledge can go to great strides towards saving our environment. Ensure you inform your guests that your event is zero-waste preferably in advance. Take a few minutes to enlighten your guests on how they can reduce waste, direct them to where and how they will handle their garbage. Remind them to use the clearly labeled bins. It will save you a lot of hustle collecting the trash. Ensure your waste management system is easy to use. This will allow your guests to dispose of their waste appropriately.

5. Provide the Right Amount of Food

A little planning can go a long way in reducing waste. Try a day before the D-day to confirm with your guests through email whether they will be in attendance. Two or three of your guests can send apologies that they will not make it, and this will help you reduce the food wastage since you prepare lesser portions. This will guide you on the amounts of foods to order or prepare and avoid piles of waste at the end of the function. Your core goal should be to provide just the right amount of food for your guests, no more or less. Don’t order more food to replenish your self-service before the food diminishes.

6. Offer Dispensed Water

Cutting down on waste is a vital part of preserving the resources in our world. Careless disposal of waste can have a negative, lasting effect on the environment. Instead of giving out water in water bottles, provide water dispensers where your guests will simply pour water in their recyclable glasses and reduce waste.

7. Avoid the Use of Sachets

Can you imagine providing tomato sauce sachets to hundreds of people at your event? You could be looking at a serious pile of tiny papers of sugar, coffee, and salt sachets at the end of the event. Simply buy big bottles of sauce per table, salt, and have tea already mixed with water to avoid the inconvenience of collecting tons of waste in papers and trash bags.  

Events, whether big or small, tend to generate waste naturally. Sometimes piles of waste the day or morning after can be a lot to deal with for the host. Fortunately, there is something you can do to prevent this, and the above few pointers tell it all.

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