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Five Ways To Help Brighten Up Your Home

When it comes to your home, you want to create a space that you can enjoy and feel at ease in. Brightening up your home is a great way of adding life to it, and to make it look interesting for you and your household. After a while, a space can become a little boring, so here are five ways to help brighten up your home.

Add Mirrors

Firstly, mirrors are good for creating illusions, not just for brightening up the space. If you place them in the room in various spots, you can create the feeling that the room is bigger than it actually is. Not only that but with mirrors, they’re going to reflect any light that hits them, and therefore, it makes the surroundings a lot brighter just by using natural light. When using mirrors, think of where you place them and also what size you go for. The bigger amount of space that it takes up on the wall, the better it’s going to perform. Consider what rooms could do with some mirrors in them and start to measure up those walls that you could put them on. It’s also a good idea to look at where the light hits the room and aim to place your mirrors near that spot to take full advantage of the daylight available.

Embrace Some Indoor Nature

There’s been a lot of popularity when it comes to indoor plants and incorporating them within your space. It can be a great way to embrace more indoor nature whilst also adding bursts of color to the room. When picking out plants, try to find ones that will go well with the type of room it’s going in. Not all plants are green, and there’s plenty out there that will come in a range of unusual colors so find something that matches your personality or current theme of said room. Plants can be great for keeping the air clean and for providing a mood booster for your household. And if you’re afraid of killing them, then don’t be. There are lots of different plants out there that require different levels of attention and watering. You can be the most forgetful person when it comes to watering plants, but there are ones out there that are pretty much unkillable.

Go For Blinds Rather Than Curtains

As much as curtains can be heavier and perhaps add additional warmth to the room, blinds are great for helping to brighten up the home. If your home is already pretty well insulated, then buying blinds from Shuttercraft might be worth doing. When shopping for blinds, go for ones that are either thinner in material or allow light to shine through more even if they’re thermal-based. You can also style your blinds to let in certain levels of light depending on how far you draw them up the window. Blinds are a great option to cover your windows without having to take up too much space too.

Use Bright Coloured Paint Or Wallpaper

When adding color to a space, it’s good to do so sometimes when it comes to your walls. It might be that you want to keep furniture neutral and then pick colors and patterns to go on the wall. Wallpaper can be a little more challenging if you’ve not tried it before, and it can take a bit of practice. Patience is also needed to ensure it stays level with the rest of what you’ve put up. If you want something a bit more simple, then it’s best to go with paint as this is easier. Always be sure to swatch test the paints first before buying any in a bigger container. This is because you’ll want to see what the paint looks like on the wall both in the daytime and evening. Colors can change slightly in the light, so you want to make sure what you have is correct for what you’re going for.

Remove Obstructions From Windows

Obstructions can make your room seem dull because they’re blocking out the light. With that being said, remove anything that’s leaning up by the window or in view of the window. This will help let more of the light flood in and will give your space more daylight. The more of your window you can keep exposed, the better!

Brightening up your home can be fairly simple to do so use these tips to make it work for you, whether it’s through mirrors or painting.

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