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Free Fitness Journal + Meal Planning Printables

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Sometimes I spend my weekends lounging by the pool and reading books, and other times I spend my weekends grocery shopping, meal planning, and watching Blogilates on YouTube. I wish I did more exercising and less drinking by the pool, but everything in moderation…right? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have been meal planning on and off for years, and my life is SO much better when I actually put in the work and plan ahead. Now that my little one is old enough to eat what we are eating, I am making sure that I meal plan regularly. I try to do it every other Sunday, and I have a few ideas to help you plan your own dinners in a hurry! Oh, and I have a free printable fitness planner and meal plan printable too! ๐Ÿ™‚ย You can set your fitness goals and start your workout accordingly. To fulfill your fitness goals, along with a good meal plan, you need to choose the best fitness equipment. You need to use proper gym tools to enhance your body and health.

 Fitness Planner
I shopped at Walmart forย Glad Pressโ€™n Seal, because it’s one of my go to products to use in the kitchen. A good set of kitchen knives, a bamboo cutting board, and enough Glad Press’n Seal to go around!

Easy Meal Plan Ideas
I also make sure that I have enough crushed garlic, rosemary, basil, and lemon pepper seasoning when I meal prep. Are you ready to get started? Let’s go!

Easy Meal Plan Ideas
First thing is to decide just WHAT you want to cook all week. I decided on steak and chicken since I have a few tried and true recipes for these meats.

Chicken Meal Plan
For my chicken, I seasoned them with garlic powder and lemon pepper seasonings. Then, I simply used the Glad Press’n Seal to wrap it up! Press ever so carefully around the chicken breast to create a seal.

Chicken Meal Plan
It’s seriously sturdy. I avoid using liquid seasonings or flavorings just to keep everything clean and dry inside the seal.

Easy Meal Plan Ideas
I also thinly sliced beef and seasoned with cumin for a beef fajita night, used crushed garlic and basil for an Italian chicken dish, and used a BBQ seasoning for another package ofย meat. Are you keeping up with me? That was just FOUR meals in about five minutes.

Chicken Meal Plan
Let’s recap:

  • Meal 1: Garlic powder + lemon pepper + chicken
  • Meal 2: cumin + chili powder + thinly sliced beef strips
  • Meal 3: basil + crushed garlic + chicken
  • Meal 4: bbq seasoning + steak

Try making your fifth meal meatless for a Meatless Monday or serve up a seafood salad on the weekend. A great place to store these meal plan ideas? In your new fitness journal! Keep track of your weekly meals and journal your success!

 Fitness Planner
Use the journal page to keep track of your progress, and create a weekly schedule for your kitchen.

 Fitness Planner
Consider laminating this schedule so that you can reuse it week after week.

 Fitness Planner
Keep track of your progress on this chart. Meal planning can help you save time and money, but it also can be good for your health when you do it right. We have been doing a lot more salads and vegetables lately along with some of my freezer meats. Hooray for getting organized and keeping it together!

Free Fitness + Meal Planning Printables


Do you have a fitness journal? What’s your best meal plan tip?

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