How To Become A Better Angler-A Fisherman’s Dream

While there is much more to fishing than just pulling out a massive fish to show off, you definitely want to be catching your fair share of fish if you are going to be out on the lake for a day. Believe it or not, there is a lot more to fishing than just sticking your line in the water and hoping to feel a bite. There are plenty of tips, tactics, and even pieces of gear that you should look to get. While you are never guaranteed a fish while you are out on the lake, you can greatly increase your chances if you follow some of these tips. Here is how you can become a better angler and catch more fish.

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The Right Bait and Hook

The first thing you are going to want to look at if you want to catch more fish is the right bait and hook. The fish that you are trying to catch will determine the type of lure or bait that you are going to be using. Not only that, but you will also have to ensure the right hook that can snag the fish. As per an article at, having a hook that is too small will make it difficult for it to catch, while having a huge hook will make it difficult for the fish to eat it. If you are looking to catch trout, for example, you are going to want to use an earthworm or a minnow if you really want to get its attention.ย 

For something like salmon, you are going to want to use herring or cured fish roe. Knowing what to use in the situation is important as going into your fishing trip with the wrong bait can easily leave you empty-handed. The same goes for fishing with lures. In order to have as much success on the lake, research where you are going beforehand and find out what the main fish species are. From there, plan what baits and lures you are going to be bringing along with the size of hooks. It will help to give you the best chance to catch and fish and be the best angler on the lake.

Slow it Down

One of the biggest mistakes a lot of beginner anglers make is that they are quick to cast the line out and then reel it in. A fish needs time to see the bait and then decide if it is going to bite it. If you quickly reel it in, you rob them of that opportunity. You should definitely be slowing it down allowing as many fish to see your lure or bait as possible. Doing small little movements or jigs in the line can help as the movement will help to indicate a real fish, however, you shouldnโ€™t be moving around too quickly. If you instantly want to improve your fishing game, look to reduce the number of casts in a day and leave your line in for a much longer period of time.

Bring a Fishfinder

Another reason why you might not be catching fish is that you are going to areas where they are extremely sparse. Fish normally swim together and will gravitate towards certain areas in the lake. If you have a fish finder with you, you can locate where they are and start fishing in those areas. You have a much better chance of catching a fish if you cast out to 50 of them instead of 10.

Aim For the Weeds

Many anglers hate to cast into weedy areas or areas with logs in the lake because they are afraid of getting their line-caught. While that is a concern, these areas are generally ones that will house the most fish. They use the weeds and the logs to hide in the lake, therefore the greatest concentration is generally going to be in these areas. It will take some skill to navigate around the weeds and you will definitely lose some lures while it is happening, but you will become a much better fisherman for it with a lot more catches. If you want to catch more fish than any of your friends, make sure you are getting into those hard-to-reach places.

These are all ways in which you can become a better angler. At the end of the day, just like with any sport, fishing takes practice if you want to get good at it. Take the time to research your lakes and learn about the fish in the area. Develop a game plan, bring the right gear, and put yourself in the best possible position to succeed. How do you plan on improving your fishing game?

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