Exercises That Increase Your Energy Levels

If your mind and body are fatigued and out of energy, you may think there is nothing left in the tank for exercise. However counter-intuitive it might seem to you, getting up and getting active can be a way to restore your bodyโ€™s energy production. A few minutes of activity of a day can impact the way you feel physically and mentally. To get your body out of its funk, here are some exercises you can try.


This activity can be as vigorous or relaxing as you make it. If you are just running for more energy, you can take your time and ease into a schedule. You want to get your heart rate up as this increases the blood flow through the body. Running also produces extra endorphins, the hormones which are associated with higher perceptions of euphoria. This is sometimes called the `runner`s high.` This is a much safer and healthier form of high than illicit drugs or prescription abuse. If you struggle with these substances for your energy support, you should consider a detox for drugs.


Many ancient civilizations used yoga to help encourage relaxation and energy, though it is primarily advertised as a way to relieve stress. It is an activity that will release pent up energy found in muscles and joints all throughout the body. It doesn`t build up muscle mass, but it does help your body open up and become more flexible. It teaches focus and regulates breathing, both of which can improve your response to activities throughout the day.


For muscles that haven’t seen much action in recent weeks or months, stretching is a way to wake them up and get the energy flowing back through them. You want to focus on core muscle groups first, like the neck, arms, hands, and feet. You don’t needย elaborate stretches, either. Find some comfortable poses or movements and hold them for at least 15 seconds before moving to another area of the body. Five minutes of stretching a day can jumpstart energy levels and give you more focus.


An alternative to running, a brief walk around the yard, parking lot, or halls at work can shoot your energy levels up drastically. If you want the full benefit of the walk, opt for taking your 15 minutes stroll outside. The change of scenery and fresh air can help your mind reset from what you have been dealing with at work or at home. A treadmill is an option if you can’t make it outside but focus on your pace and breathing to reap similar benefits from an outside walk.


No longer an aggressive sport, boxing has become a popular form of exercise for men and women alike. The activity lets you relieve stress by hitting things, but it also works your aerobic and anaerobic systems. You can spar with a partner at the gym, use a heavy bag, or shadow box with yourselfย using boxing resistance bands from Power Punch Proย in a minor.

There are plenty of activities you can do to relieve your stress and increase energy at the same time. Try to include 15 minutes of exercise into your daily routine to reap the benefits.

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