Are Physical Posters Still Valuable For Events?

If you are hosting an event in the future, you have probably already had a million ideas on how to market it correctly. You might think mostly about online marketing; how you could use social media, online advertising and other digital marketing tactics to sell your event.

However, one thing you may not have considered is making physical posters and flyers. You might think, โ€˜What is this, 2007?โ€™ but physical flyers and posters can still be valuable in helping you to market an event. In this blog we will explain how these mediums are still relevant, and why invest in them!

Itโ€™s Easy To Scroll Through An Online Ad

The problem with online advertising alone is that, unless you are pumping thousands of dollars into this campaign, most users will simply scroll past. That doesnโ€™t mean you shouldnโ€™t use online advertising, but rather that you could do well to supplement this with physical advertising like posters and flyers.

Posters and flyers are eye-catching, particularly seeing as there arenโ€™t many of them around at the moment! A colorful flyer with basic information about your event will pique the interest of potential ticket buyers, helping to spread the word the old-fashioned way.

Posters Can Still Use Tech With QR Codes

Just because itโ€™s printed on paper, it doesnโ€™t mean you arenโ€™t using all the technology available to you! By putting a QR Code on your flyer or poster, those interested can access further information with a simple scan of their smartphone. This amazing tool is used all too little by event organizers; it is the easiest way of linking people to the event online.

Plus, it is easy to get a free QR code online nowadays. Add this into your poster, and youโ€™ll be combining the rustic feel of a paper poster with all the benefits of modern technology that your buyers can use.

Posters Give Your Event A Local Feel

Ultimately, if your event is local to your city or wider community, posters give your event a local feeling that canโ€™t be created online. By integrating the design and color scheme with the general vibe of your area, your poster will give local people a boost to book tickets or attend the event you are advertising.

Social media campaigns are great, but they can appear faceless, especially when there are so many of them flying around nowadays. Combining your social media campaign with physical posters and flyers will eradicate this facelessness, giving your event the local vibe and human touch it requires to feel unique.

Final Thoughts

We see physical posters or flyers as an old-fashioned way to advertise, but with cheap distribution costs and the benefits listed above, reconsider whether they are a waste of time after all!ย 

Use this guide to help you figure out how to market your event beyond digital platforms, using traditional, effective methods to appeal to your local community.

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