Tips for Making a Successful Long Distance Move

If you are moving to a new country or thousands of miles away from your current home, you are making a long-distance move. A long-distance move can be stressful if you are not prepared. However, by using a few tips you can make the move a lot easier.

ย The most important thing to remember when making a long-distance move is that you need to be organized. Once you are organized you will be able to make the move a lot easier. Here are some essential things you need to know to make your long-distance move a success.

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Start Planning Early

The first thing you need to do to make your long-distance move stress-free is to start planning ahead. There are numerous tasks that you will need to do and having a firm plan in place will help to make things go a lot faster. 

You can create a spreadsheet of the things you need to do or you can just write them down. Just make sure that you create a checklist for every phase of your move. This will ensure that everything goes a lot more smoothly.

Create Your Schedule

Now that you know exactly what you should do you need to stick to your schedule.  If you need to, there are some things that you should do ahead of time. Make sure that you get your utilities installed if you can ahead of time so that everything will be in place when you arrive at your new home. 

If you have children that need to be enrolled in school then you should try to arrange it ahead of time as well. One of the best ways to stay on schedule and stick to your plan is to put reminders on your phone

Get Multiple Estimates

Before you decide on a moving company, make sure you get as many estimates as possible. Having several estimates at your fingertips will make it easier for you to decide which company you wish to use.

Get estimates from at least three different companies. A wide range of estimates will make it easier for you to make the right decision. When selecting a moving company you might want to consider how they handle moving any heavy item of furniture that you may want to transport.

When selecting a company make sure that you get the most affordable LTL freight shipping quotes. You can ensure that this happens by being very specific about the weight of what you are transporting and the distance you will be going.

Get Moving Insurance

Moving insurance is something you should consider when moving long distance. If your items will be flying, transported by sea, or if they are fragile, long-distance insurance is something that you should definitely consider.

Most reputable moving companies will offer you an insurance policy that has several limits. If you want to ensure that you will be fully covered if anything should happen to your items during a long-distance move it is always best to secure more comprehensive insurance.

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