Affordable and Eco Sustainable Ways To Get Around These Days

If there has been anything positive at all coming out of the COVID 19 pandemic at all, it is: weโ€™ve seen the positive effects a reduction in human activity has been having on the ecosystem. Polluted rivers are running cleaner than they have in decades. The skies over the worldโ€™s largest cities are clearing up. Wildlife that had practically abandoned certain areas because of human activity is returning to them.

This is without any effort on our part. Imagine if people made the conscious decision to take actions that benefit the environment?

One decision you can make is to be more mindful about how you get around. Do you drive your car to a location you can get to in a more eco-sustainable way? If you do, read on to learn about what you can do instead.

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1. Walk

In the last century, human beings have become so accustomed to sedentary living that driving everywhere has become a reflex action, even when other modes of transport are available. If your favorite lunch spot is only a five-minute walk from work, why drive there? Why not take a quick walk? Your body will certainly appreciate the exercise.

If the distance between where you live and where you work allows it, aim to walk when you can. Same thing for dropping your children off at school. If your home is close by, consider making the walk. It gives you the opportunity to teach your children to make environmentally friendly choices as well.

2. Ride a bike

The bicycle is another means of conveyance people often underuse. Several cities around the world have been gradually placing bicycle paths along their roadways with legislation to support them, in the hope that more people would use them. This is because governments have realized congestion and pollution caused by the excessive number of private cars on the road is a serious public policy issue. You can help them out by choosing to bicycle to wherever you need to go once distance allows it. 

These days, you even have choices of the kind of bicycle you can ride to get there. For traditionalists, there is a regular bike, or you can get an electric bike. 

Electric bikes are considered to be zero-emission vehicles and do not emit as many carbons and other pollutants into the air, as a car would. If that sounds like an Electric Bike Paradise to you, you can join the 130 million other people expected to purchase electronic bikes between the years 2020 and 2030. 

Accounting firm, Deloitte is predicting a one percent rise in the number of people biking to work between 2019 and 2022. Youโ€™ll have company.

3. Use public transport

People like to avoid public transport because it isnโ€™t as convenient as having their own vehicles. The idea of being crowded with scores of strangers on a bus or a train, while trying to do multiple chores across town is understandably unappealing to people.

Climate change is also unappealing and has consequences far direr than someone standing on your toes. If you live in an area where public transport is cheap and readily available on a predictable schedule, for the good of everyone on the planet, it may be time to consider utilizing the service.

The overuse of private car transport has created a serious issue with the level of carbon emissions in the air we breathe. For every private vehicle we take-off of the roads, we reduce these dangerous pollutants that affect everyone.

4. Carpool

If you have a problem with traveling with strangers, how about traveling with friends and family? 

Starting a carpool enables you to get to work, do your chores, drop your children to school with more convenience as you are better able to negotiate your schedule with people you know.

Carpools are more affordable because you can split the gas bill with your fellow travelers. You can also share the costs of repairs and upkeep to your vehicle. Finally, a carpool is yet another way of keeping excess private vehicles off of the road.

5. Consider whether you need air travel

This is one case where itโ€™s considered to be a good thing to use your car. A single flight is estimated to cause as much pollution as 20 percent of what a car would over the course of a year.

With that in mind, if you are concerned about the environment and can drive to your location, it might be the more eco-friendly option.

We all need to do our part to preserve the environment because we only have this planet to live on. Make the switch to one of these affordable and eco-sustainable ways to get around.

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