About Coxinhas: A Brazilian Delight

As a foodie, you already know how amazing it is to discover all the brilliant and delicious foods from around the world and to really tickle your tastebuds; today weโ€™re honing in on a Brazilian classic; the Coxinhas.

Pronounced โ€˜koh-sheen-ya,โ€™ this cuisine is best described as Brazilian tapas, and if youโ€™ve never tried it before, oh, youโ€™re in for a treat. However, to make sure itโ€™s right for you, letโ€™s explore everything and what it offers.

Where Does Coxinha Come From?

A little history to wet your whistle.

The story behind Coxinha states that it was back in the time of Isabel, Princess Imperial, and Prince Gaston, who were the leaders of Brazil around 1870. They had a son who loved chicken dishes, but he was only ever interested in the thigh.

However, one day came along, and the palace chef realized they were out of thighs, and with the royal boy hungry, they needed to come up with a solution fast. With some quick thinking, the chef used the rest of a normal chicken to create โ€˜thighsโ€™ for the boy to eat, shredding the flesh into parts and using dough to make a filling before molding it into a thigh-shaped piece of meat.

The boy was smitten with the creation (of course, at the time, not realizing what it was), and the treat became incredibly popular not long afterward and has remained this way ever since.

How to Make Coxinhas

Like the traditional method, Coxinhas is easy to make yet absolutely delicious. Typically, youโ€™ll make the dough using wheat flour and chicken broth, and commonly chefs will add in mashed potatoes to use as filling. This is why some people might refer to Coxinhas as a potato dish rather than a bread one.

The dough is made and filled with shredded chicken meat, which is then shaped into drumsticks. From here, you simply batter the dish, breading it if you want to use breadcrumbs or flour, and then deep fry it.

It can sound like a lot, but this dish is nothing short of hearty and is sure to fill you up. Bringing the dish into modern times, you can coat your coxinhas with whatever flavoring you want, the dish of which is simple enough to bring out any flavors you like, so donโ€™t be afraid to get creative if making them yourself!

Commonly, youโ€™ll find ingredients like onions, parsley, scallions, and spiced forms of chicken!

Making Your Coxinhas Your Own

While thereโ€™s no reason you canโ€™t get creative with your recipe, if youโ€™re looking for ways to keep things traditional, then there are two main variable recipes you can follow. These are;

  • Coxhina Mineira: A maize filling Coxinha which is mainly found in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil.
  • Cheese Coxinhas: Usually found in snack bars throughout Brazil, these are cheese-based Coxhinas where toothpicks are used in place of chicken bones. Ideal for vegetarians!


As you can see, while Coxinhas are simple on the surface, theyโ€™re a cultural tradition for a reason, and whether youโ€™re at home and trying new, exotic recipes for yourself or youโ€™re off to Brazil itself to try them authentically first-hand, youโ€™re sure to discover a new favorite!

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