6 Things You Need To Understand About Immigration

Immigration could simply be defined as the movement of people to a destination country or state of which they are not natives or do not possess citizenship to settle as permanent residents or naturalized citizens. There are several reasons why immigrants choose to leave their home countries. These include economic issues, political issues, family reunification, or natural disasters. Before we proceed, it is important to note that there are different types of immigration, including internal migration, which is the movement within a state, country, or continent, and external migration, which is the movement to a different state, country, or continent. There are several things people who aspire to migrate need to know about migration. This article is aimed at enlightening people with six important things they should be aware of before migrating.

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The Immigration System is Very Complicated

It is very important to know before anything else that the immigration system is extremely complicated. There are a lot of problems that could be encountered before and during migration, like extraordinarily long backlogs and unintended consequences of labyrinthine and multi-layered legislation. One very important thing is that you need to know your options and what obstacles you will have in your case before starting the process. A lot of times, people are caught off guard and end up surprised by this. They may have had a friend who applied for some sort of status and thinks they qualify as well, or they may get advice from a message board online or somebody whoโ€™s not a full-fledged immigration attorney, and it might be bad advice. In immigration law, applying for something youโ€™re not eligible for or submitting some bad advice can hurt your case. Thatโ€™s one thing people should know.

The Wait Times Are Very Long

Another thing people should be aware of is that, unfortunately, the wait times can be extremely long in many cases. Due to the high rate of people willing to move, the comprehensive ranking system scoring might be congested, and it will take a long time to decongest. Itโ€™s a shockingly slow-moving bureaucracy, and people need to be prepared for that. For instance, if youโ€™re waiting for a certain type of family-based petition, you could be waiting well over a decade after the approval of your initial petition before your priority date becomes current. 

Always Know Your Status and The Terms of That Status

Another important thing to always remember is that you need to fully understand your status and the terms at all times. This is true whether you are in front of the immigration court or whether youโ€™ve never had any issues whatsoever with your legal status. Very little things could pop up and may end up destroying your status in some situations. For instance, if you are on a student visa and you are working more than the authorized hours you are allowed to work, or you have off-campus employment that is not authorized, or you decide to drop a few classes and fall below the class schedule requirement, it can place you in violation of your status, and you may be placed into removal proceedings.

We Are All Immigrants

Immigration is becoming part and parcel of the countryโ€™s fabric because of the unending need of people and openings that need to be filled up. The rate of immigration is a contributing factor to the growth and development of a country.

The Economy Grows At An Increasing Rate 

Extensive research and analysis have found that immigration has a way of raising the total economic output; due to the increasing number of people who come to work in the country as immigrants, the economy tends to grow and boom drastically. More specifically, foreign-born workers contribute about two trillion dollars every year. That can also be estimated at 10% of annual GDP.  

High-Skilled Immigrants Encourages Innovation 

Immigrants always tend to work in fields that require advanced education, including STEM, which encourages extensive research, professional work, school work and studies, and anything of the sort in all fields. Immigrants tend to bring in many ideas that may be different from the ideas of the native-born innovators, which inspires more work and breeds creativity.

Immigration is beneficial to both the immigrants and the country being migrated to as it boosts the countryโ€™s economy by providing the needed services. However, it is important to note that if you intend to migrate, you should endeavor to follow the right process, avoid cutting corners, and always ensure that you keep the rules and obey the terms of your status. The dangers of illegal migration are drastic. In most cases, illegal immigrants, when found, are punished with inadmissibility. In such a case, the violator is restricted from applying for legal migration to the same country. They also face deportation when caught.

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