6 Fashion Trends That Originated from Black Culture

The African culture has influenced the world in many ways, not just through academia and business. Fashion trends have also been greatly impacted by this diverse continentโ€™s style. This article will explore what fashion trends that originated from Africa are influencing the Western world. The following are four of these important fashion trends that originated from Black culture:


Sneaker Culture

The sneaker culture is a fashion trend that involves wearing sneakers as casual clothing. It is also influenced by hip hop and punk fashion. Sneakers are not just worn for sports anymore; theyโ€™re considered to staple pieces in anyoneโ€™s wardrobe and pair well with a beautifully designed African hoodie. Although the exact place where this trend began cannot be pinpointed, we can attribute it to the influence of hip-hop culture (and other similar styles) in the United States.

This trend features the use of designer athletic shoes which are now considered to be popular fashion items. Sneakers now come in various styles and colors, not only limited to sporty ones. The sneakers culture is now an important part of both menโ€™s and womenโ€™s fashion around the world.

Bucket Hats

One of the most popular fashion trends that originated from Africa is the bucket hat. This was first seen as a type of rain hat but has since evolved into a distinct piece of clothing that is worn for style. It can be made out of various fabrics and materials, ranging from cotton or canvas to straw. The bucket hat has become a popular summer accessory.

Popularized by the Black community, this headwear is now seen as stylish by all cultures around the world. This trend originated from traditional cultural styles such as the Igbo gourd hats and Yoruba crown caps. Today, bucket hats come in various materials and colors including leather, satin, and other types of fabric. The brimmed hat, which was popularized by the rapper Tupac, also depicts Africa and its various cultures.

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are a type of jewelry that is very versatile. They can be worn in any piercing on the body and in multiple ear piercings. In the United States, hoop earrings come in various sizes from small to large. The bigger the hoop, the younger the wearer is viewed as being. These types of earrings are popular around the world, especially in Western countries.

This makes it hard to pinpoint where exactly this trend originated from; however, thereโ€™s evidence suggesting that it has its roots in African tribes. In particular, blacksmithing has been a large part of African culture since prehistory. In many cases, those who were skilled in metalworking were often undervalued and looked down upon by their fellow tribe members.


Logomania is a fashion trend that involves wearing clothing with designer logos on them. It features the use of luxury brands partnered with one another to create co-branded products. These are often limited edition items released by respective companies.

This fashion trend can be traced back to Africa, where it has been long known as tribalism or ethnicism. In this context, it describes an individualโ€™s ethnic affiliation. It is represented by the use of distinctive cultural symbols which helps people identify with their own racial and tribal background and provide a sense of community and shared identity.

Oversized Clothing

This fashion trend involves wearing oversized clothing such as jeans, shirts, and jackets. The oversized look is achieved by creating clothes that are loose on the wearer’s body. It has grown to become a popular style in Western culture and features the use of various materials such as denim and cotton.

The oversized clothing trend can be traced back to African tribes which had more loose clothing that allowed for easy movement. During the colonial era, Westerners referred to this style of clothing as โ€œPygmyโ€ fashion due to its resemblance with clothes worn by Pygmies from Central Africa. In the United States, oversized clothes have been associated with poverty and therefore were seen as a symbol of laziness and indifference. Over time, the trend has become more acceptable and is now considered to be a fashion item around the world.

Scripted Necklaces

Scripted necklaces are pieces of jewelry with customized names featuring various lettering styles. Theyโ€™re worn on either a necklace or bracelet. The name can be anything from oneโ€™s personal name to inspirational phrases. This trend originated in the United States where it began as urban jewelry which came about during hip hop culture, especially amongst African-Americans. Urban culture was popularized by the rise of hip-hop music, and necklaces started to gain popularity as a form of self-expression. Scripted necklaces contain the wearer’s name often in the style of graffiti writing.

This shows how Black culture has influenced other cultures, especially in the Western world. People around the globe are currently embracing clothing that originated from Africa because of its cultural diversity. Each continent has a different variety of cultures and this is something that should be celebrated instead of shunned or erased.

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