5 Compelling Reasons to Install a Bidet in Your Bathroom

More than 14 million homeowners in America decided to have their bathrooms remodeled last year according to reports from the construction and home improvement sector. Some just couldn’t stand to look at their existing bathrooms any longer. Others say they finally found themselves with enough time and money to take on a project like that, so they seized the opportunity. Many simply found that their bathrooms no longer met their families’ needs, so they renovated them accordingly.

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Making a Bidet Part of Your Bathroom Upgrading Plans

If you’re among the millions of homeowners who are considering Bathroom Remodeling in the near future, several options are at your disposal. You could have a walk-in shower installed complete with a waterfall shower head. Maybe you need more storage. Perhaps you’d like to install new fixtures to bring your bathroom into the twenty-first century. No matter what your plans may be, adding a bidet to the mix could provide several benefits. Consider some of the main reasons you might want to make a bidet part of your newly renovated bathroom.

1) Bidets Are More Environmentally Friendly Than Toilet Paper

Every year, the average American uses 140 rolls of toilet paper. That’s per person, not per household. All that waste eventually makes its way into the environment through septic tanks and sewage systems. On top of that, acre after acre of trees is destroyed to make all that toilet paper. Bidets significantly cut down on waste as well as the consumption of natural resources.

2) Bidets Can Save You A Great Deal of Money

Toilet paper sales in the United States reached a record-breaking $9.4 billion during the last year for which information is available. If past trends are any indication, that figure will only increase during the years to come. With a bidet, you’ll only have to pay the purchase and installation costs and cover the minimal amount of water it uses. That’s sure to add up to considerable savings each year.

3) Bidets Are More Comfortable

Several issues can make cleaning yourself with toilet paper uncomfortable or downright painful. Anyone who suffers from IBD, IBS, Crohn’s disease, and similar conditions can attest to that fact. Those who are prone to hemorrhoids also know the pain all too well. Bidets simply spritz you with a gentle stream of water rather than forcing you to put yourself through a great deal of misery. That, alone, is priceless.

4) Bidets Are More Sanitary Than Toilet Paper

On the subject of cleanup, toilet paper can spread germs from where they originate to your hands, the toilet seat, and other surfaces in the bathroom. It doesn’t always provide the level of cleanliness people hope for, either. Bidets offer more effective cleaning without the risk of spreading germs.

5) Bidets Are Dependable

If last year taught us anything, it’s that you can’t be prepared for everything. No one really saw the pandemic coming until it was already upon us. We certainly didn’t expect the great toilet paper fiasco of 2020 to come about, but it certainly did. With a bidet, you never have to worry about running out of toilet paper and not being able to restock at the store.

Bringing Your Bathroom into the Modern Age

Plenty of options are available for upgrading and modernizing your bathroom. Think about your needs and expectations and where your current bathroom falls short. Then, work all those extras into your renovation plans. Keep in mind, a bidet can offer numerous advantages from saving the environment and saving you money to saving you a great deal of pain and frustration.

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