5 Books Every High School Student Should Read in 2022

Surveys indicate high school studentsโ€™ low interest in reading books. Only half of them read books during their holidays. 29% do not read at all, although books are available to them. This is despite the fact that they recognize the positive effects of regular reading.ย 

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I am a firm believer in reading. You stand to benefit from the observations and findings of some of the worldโ€™s top thinkers and analysts. Below is a list of 5 must-read books for all high school students, irrespective of their academic performance.

  • The Catcher In the Rye

Salingerโ€™s tour de force has been a great read for teenagers. Even though this is a story about a teenager, it has been attracting readers of all stripes. 

It is a timeless piece about uncertainty, identity conflicts, alienation, social norms, and rebellion against all forms of suppression. It doesnโ€™t really matter where you are from or which social class you associate with. The book explores foundational human struggles and challenges that occur everywhere and involve all, cutting through social class, status, and privileges.

You might as well have to write an essay about Salingerโ€™s masterpiece. If in doubt, donโ€™t hesitate to get online writing assistance from LetsGradeIt to see how professional writers analyze and interpret it. Youโ€™ll end up with a great learning experience and a good sample to follow.

  • Metamorphosis

Franz Kafka is a widely celebrated German-speaking author whose books only found fame after his death. Metamorphosis is arguably his best short story, which tells an amazing story of the protagonistโ€™s transformation into a bug. Following initial bewilderment and shock, all others, including his family, gradually get used to this unbelievable change. 

The bug version of Gregor Samsa retains all human sense, so he is able to watch an appalling degradation of his colleagues and loved ones, with all being perfectly happy to put aside his story, reap all the unexpected benefits, and turn the page. A great life story. 

  • Slaughterhouse-Five

Learn from one of the most unconventional writers in the history of literature. Kurt Vonnegut is renowned for his dark humor and implausible stories blending absurdity with real life. He somehow manages to recount the horrors of warfare through humor. 

As a reader, you feel both shocked and amused. Vonnegut keeps piquing your interest with every page turned, and he never disappoints with any twist or turn. Keep honing your writing skills, and one day you might discover a latent writer in yourself too.

  • Animal Farm

George Orwellโ€™s breathtaking allegory keeps proving relevant over and over again. Although modeled on the hardships, atrocities, and degradation of the emerging Soviet Union, its themes are equally applicable to any totalitarian regime.

Orwell shows what can happen to human dignity, self-worth, and freedom when individuals and societies give in to their dark sides. If you think this can never happen to the society you live in, just wait for the story to prove you wrong. Or look around more carefully. The story might help you see what you must have been missing for many years.

  • The Old Man and the Sea

Another big story about human strife, relentless perseverance, defeat, and hope. When these powerful forces convene, they set the scene for some of the most challenging, Gargantuan struggles in human life. Thatโ€™s when we go up the sea of challenges and start fighting despite age, limited resources, or obstacles. Thatโ€™s when we start seeing who we really are.

Bottom Line

Not only is reading a great way of broadening your knowledge, vocabulary, and horizons, but it also serves as one of the most effective brain exercises. Get the most of the recommended books. All you need to do is set aside a couple of hours a day. You might find a dormant writer in yourself one day.


Andrew Mazur is a popular blogger, author, and tutor. He has been critically reviewing the works of both fiction and nonfiction for more than a decade. College students are among his most devoted followers. They particularly value Andrewโ€™s sharp observations, unique style, and in-depth reviews.   

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