4 Changes to Make to Your Regular Favorites

Everyone has favorite foods and drinks that they come back to time and time again. These might even go beyond that to become pillars of your day โ€“ aspects that you mark time with and look forward to regularly. When something holds this much importance to you, the idea of change can sound almost heretical. Whatโ€™s there to be changed? Well, as much as leaving your comfort zone can be daunting, it can also lead you to things you love that you might never have expected to find.

Change too much, though, and it might not resemble what you loved at all, meaning that the changes you make might have to be within your sense of reason.

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Non-Alcoholic Drinks

While it might feel different to separate drinks based on alcoholic content, the purpose that they can serve in your day is massively different. Even here, there are any number of different distinctions that you can draw. Soft drinks can cool you down on a hot day, for example, but a change that you could make to improve your experience of those might be to turn towards those with less sugar. Soft drinks that are based on sparkling water might still provide the flavor that youโ€™re looking for, but without the heavy impact that sugary drinks can have on you over time.

Looking to another category, you might be someone who finds that hot drinks โ€“ like tea and coffee โ€“ are essential parts of your day, especially if the caffeine boost is something that helps you to find motivation when you need it. However, looking to higher quality products might make a difference to both how much you enjoy your drink, as well as how you feel afterwards. Ethiopian coffee might not be your usual flavor, for example, but varying the taste of the day might help to make it as exciting as it is important to you โ€“ not to mention how it can direct your passion for these drinks going forward.

Alcoholic Drinks

On the other side of the coin, then, you have alcoholic drinks. These might not be things that you partake in regularly compared to other examples of food and drink, but when you do, it might be because there is a sense of occasion surrounding you. With that in mind, while there can be a temptation to save money here as drinking out can get expensive, you might think about it a different way. Due to the scarcity of this event, you might find that splashing out and gearing towards drinks that you find more enjoyable produces a more enjoyable night. That doesnโ€™t mean you necessarily have to break the bank, and if youโ€™re only getting a couple of drinks, it might not make too big of an impact anyway, but the odd treat can draw your attention to the flavor of the drink itself.

This might take the form of something like cocktails, which could even give you an idea as to how you could save money and have nicer drinks. Instead of drinking out at all, you and your friends could have a cocktail night with one of you hosting. This way, while youโ€™re still buying alcohol at stores, you might find that the amount youโ€™re spending is significantly less, even if youโ€™re going for more top-shelf liquor than you otherwise would. On top of that, spending the time mixing the cocktails yourselves can make for amusing anecdotes, as well as rewarding results.

All the Extras

Turning your attention to meals, though, what could stand to make your favorites even better? Well, it might be that some of your favorites are as regular as they are in your rotation because theyโ€™re quite affordable to make. Thereโ€™s nothing wrong with that, of course, but it can mean that you trim down on ingredients that you deem superfluous at times to make it even more affordable, and while the result might still be tasty, it might be lacking some of the impacts that it could have. For an experiment, the next time you make it, consider going all out with the extras. Perhaps itโ€™s a pasta dish that could have artisan bread alongside, maybe some parmesan grated over it, or some basil scattered on top. 

While these additions might make you feel as though youโ€™re spending money that doesnโ€™t need to be spent, tasting how much of a difference it makes could change your mind. However, the prospect of wasting these ingredients after youโ€™ve used them once or twice might occur to you โ€“ in which case, you could consider how your other meals of the week could make the most of these to prevent this wastage. Having said that, itโ€™s understandable that you might not want to eat parmesan every day for the sake of your health, so buying smaller amounts might also be worthwhile. 

What Difference Does Cooking Time Make?

Looking at tools that you donโ€™t currently possess in the kitchen might also have you thinking about ways that you could improve your culinary repertoire. For example, slow cookers might pose an interesting opportunity. Without having relied on one before, you might not be aware of how much of a difference cooking your food for longer makes. While it isnโ€™t a solution that is guaranteed to make every meal much better than it would be otherwise, allowing your flavors to stew together throughout the day can change the game in some cases.

Having access to a slow cooker might also encourage you to make the most of it by cooking meals that are going to benefit from the longer cooking time. There is a practical benefit on offer here too. Sometimes, youโ€™ll want to be able to prepare the meal earlier in the day and have the ability to serve it up as and when you want it, and being able to do that can free up how you structure your evenings, with the ability to lower the heat of the device if youโ€™re worried youโ€™ll be out for longer than anticipated.

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