What The Universe is Telling You Through These 3 Common Dream Symbols

Most dreams are forgotten upon waking. If you remember an incredibly vivid or terrifying dream, it may hold greater significance for you than you realize. Before identifying common symbols and determining what they represent, it is important to understand where they might come from.

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On the Nature of Dreams

Dream symbolism has its roots in prehistory and the art of dream interpretation is prevalent in every culture around the world. Because of this, the psychological and cultural impacts of dreaming have captivated the minds of well-known philosophers, prominent religious leaders, and, more recently, scientific researchers.

Spiritually-oriented people like Gale Tobin believe that dreams act as conduits for important messages from a cosmic consciousness. If you share a similar sentiment about the nature of dreams, you may want to consider what the universe is trying to tell you.

Natural Disasters

The destructive nature of tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, and tsunamis is a force to be reckoned with. If you are plagued by dreams of natural disasters, you may be experiencing a fair amount of turbidity in your personal life. And while turmoil is a common theme in nightmares, the presence of a natural disaster indicates that such uncertain times are causing you to feel helpless and insecure with yourself.

Transitionary periods are a popular trigger for these types of dreams, so be sure to check in with your emotions and try your best to adjust to new situations that might arise.

Monsters and Evil Entities

When a feeling or a memory is suppressed within the subconscious brain and is not properly addressed, it will eventually try to worm its way back into conscious thought. Monsters and other supernatural adversaries are physical manifestations of these repressed aspects of the mind.

In dreams, these creatures can appear invincible. The only way to truly “defeat” them is by coming to terms with your figurative demons. If simply acknowledging the presence of suppressed and intrusive thoughts is not enough, try to process them through spiritual reflection or through conversation with trusted individuals


Death in dreams does not portend your future demise or the passing of someone you know. Much like other dream symbols, death is strictly metaphorical. It is often a sign of change, denoting the end of a particular chapter in your life and promising the start of something new and unprecedented. Dreams involving death should be regarded with curiosity and open-mindedness rather than existential dread.

Metaphorically significant phenomena in dreams may be the universe's way of asking you to slow down and reflect on your current situation. Doing so may help to allay your negative emotions toward impactful life events.

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