The Best Live Dealer Pranks at Online Casinos

If you’re reading this, we’ll venture a bet that you’re undoubtedly aware of the idea of casino sites and, more particularly, live top Canadian online casinos. If not, have a look at our comprehensive live casino guide. If so, you would be familiar with the idea behind live dealer tables, which allow you to play online gambling games while a real-world dealer oversees your gaming in real-time.

We believe playing these games may be just as enjoyable as visiting a physical casino. You can talk to them and have fun with them since you’re still engaging with a genuine person. This feature, the ability to engage in games on and taunt your operators in ways that may get you into trouble if you were in a physical casino, is what we’re concentrating on in today’s blog. But watch out – these vendors are also well-known con artists. The most fantastic techniques to prank live dealers and be tricked by them are discussed below.

What Live Dealers Do

So, just what are Live Dealers intended to do? It’s generally preferable if you have some knowledge of what their purpose is before you start playing practical jokes on them. It’s important to avoid upsetting them or your former teammates too much and to avoid making their work more difficult. To begin with, a Live Dealer is a professional gambler who engages in live play with you from your chosen casino. All their tabletop action is live-streamed to your screen as they sit in front of a camera.

Here, they engage with the newly logged-in gamers and keep the activity rolling. Even if they aren’t physically approaching you, you’ll note that they still appear presentable and well-groomed. Contrary to popular belief, being a live dealer still has a certain air of sophistication. We advise you to start seeing it yourself if you haven’t already.

How to Prank Dealers

You don’t necessarily have to like going to dollar deposit casinos if you like playing casino games. It could be too exciting, pricey, and noisy. Fortunately, playing games online may be even cosier because nothing prevents you from lounging on the couch in your jammies. Additionally, you may still perform harmless, amusing pranks with your live dealer, making the encounter as exciting as gaming at a casino. We advise you to:

  • Choose your table carefully. Before you start, remember that your jokes and antics won’t amuse some dealers and players. We advise conducting research. Find out which live tables can deliver engaging games and laughter by asking your friends and browsing internet discussion forums.
  • Choosing a silly or offensive name. It is a fantastic strategy to play off the competence of the live dealers. There are sly ways you may break the ice, even while people try their best to avoid saying anything inappropriate or off-putting to other players. Dealers usually introduce you by your nickname or name, so what more innovative method to throw them off than to pick a hilarious or offensive moniker that they could not even be aware of until they say it out loud? The outcomes are frequently funny and could get you and your operator off on the right foot right away, though they will likely be a little embarrassed.
  • Open a live chat window. Nothing prevents you from chit-chatting with the dealer and other players as you play. In reality, the dealers are excellent at interacting with the players at the table and are frequently reasonably chatty. However, they are also avid readers in addition to being loud talkers.

Why Dealers Trick Players

There is still a rule of behaviour that must be followed, even if there remains lots of fun to be had by dealers and players. This implies that everyone involved must respect one another, including the other players. This does not mean that practical jokes must be avoided, though. While you are enjoying cards or spinning the roulette wheel, live dealers may want to reassure you that they are pleasant and there to make you laugh, but they may also be sly to liven up the game.

How Live Dealers Can Increase Gaming Interest

  • Joining in on jokes. If you or another gamer starts a joke or harmless prank, and it isn’t too insulting to put them in danger later, some players will continue to add to it, strengthening the bond of camaraderie at the table. Remember that dealers aren’t permitted to use profanity or be profane, so don’t be shocked if they don’t laugh at your crude jokes.
  • Make up their own jokes. Do you enjoy humour? You are fortunate. You could pick up new marks while playing because Live Dealers frequently get to invest hours on end learning hilarious jokes from individuals worldwide.
  • Acting silly. There are many ways to achieve this. You can be caught off guard by specific merchants pulling bizarre expressions or donning eccentric accessories at unexpected moments. They will, of course, always act professionally, but occasionally they will definitely test the boundaries!

Play Games and Jokes With a Live Dealer Responsibly!

We are aware of the undeniable fact that playing at a live dealer table is hilarious. But be careful not to laugh so much that you lose focus and discover too late that you have placed bets well outside your comfort zone. Attempt to prevent such occurrences and always play responsibly. After attempting to demonstrate what to anticipate from the dealers, we recommend the top websites for playing live blackjack online.

Although we understand that not everyone is as enamoured with blackjack as we are, we also have a page listing locations to play live roulette. And if you like playing more traditional games, check out the top places for excellent live dealer baccarat.

Observe Other Participants

You should be aware that some participants are stiff if you want to have a great game where quips and banter flow freely. They’re not going to be amused by your jokes or hilarious stories, most likely. You won’t have fun playing the game if you belong to these groups of gamers. What do you do then? Before participating, ask questions. Select the table that gives enjoyable game periods where the participants may laugh together, ask friends or search through internet messaging.


Online gambling games have recently become the preferred format for most gamers. This is primarily because it makes players feel comfortable. They don’t have to go too far to play at their chosen casino. Blackjack, poker, online slots, and other games may be enjoyed on a laptop or smartphone. While there is a chance to lose real money when playing casino games, there is also a chance to win. In any case, you may devise ways to entertain yourself and your other participants. Grim gamers are not always superior to humorous ones. So long as your jokes and pranks fall inside socially acceptable bounds, feel free.

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