Simple and Modern Boy Haircuts

There are a ton of different small boy haircuts being sported by grown men online, but it’s important to see collections with kids so you can know how they might look at your salon.

With the help of modern technology, we were able to identify the trendiest little boy haircuts. Check out how they look on kids aged two to thirteen and find one that suits your son’s personality and lifestyle.

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  1. High-Faded Style Paired With Cute Bangs

The high fade on this cut creates a nice balance with the styled-up bangs in the front and the clean, cropped sides. The overall messiness of this haircut is nicely contrasted by its neatness.

  1. Hard Sharp Line Medium Bald Boy Haircuts

If a little boy is looking for the least amount of time in the morning to style their hair, this mid-fade would be perfect! The top looks more extended compared to the back and some of the sides are shaven down. The โ€œfadeโ€ is a popular style that starts with a hard sharp line on the top (bull line) of your head, then itโ€™s shaved to an even length with the rest of your hair.

  1. Mini Quiff Boy Haircuts

This little quiff with trimmed sides is perfect for your son if he has a daring spirit. In order to produce some contrast, the top is kept longer as compared to the sides and back.

  1. Messy Elongated Top Taper

Maintain everything relaxed for your boy with a casual long-top tapered and messy cut. The top is a couple of inches long, with the sides and back tapering to the same length.

So it could be brushed back using some gel or texturing mousse. This versatile haircut offers a lot of styling freedom.

  1. High-Fade Electrified

Your son will really appreciate this high fade if he enjoys “shocking” others. This bold style features a long top that is styled with indeterminate spikes that give it a jolt. Because of the long manes fading to the sides and back, he can simply style the hair on the top with gel or mousse.

  1. Taper Paired With Relaxed Bangs 

Tapered boy haircuts look neat and fresh but are less flashy than faded styles. This taper haircut features relaxed bangs that offer this look an off-the-cuff vibe, and your son will look incredibly mature.

You can achieve this look by working a little mousse into your damp hair and then drying it out in a relaxed position.

  1. Crop With Layers Boy Haircuts

Boys whose hair is naturally straight often have problems finding styles that aren’t as straight or flat as they should be. This cutting creates lots of layers and solves the problem.

To give it more shape and movement, the layers are trimmed into the cut. The bangs open up to expose his cute face and hold the hair away from his eyes.

  1. Mid-Curly Style And Swept Bangs

Never battling your kid’s hair from getting into his cherished face? No longer! To solve this problem, get his barber to cut his curly mane with swept bangs. They are going to swoop to the left without falling into the eyes and act as a great main point for a basic medium style on his curly hair.

  1. Mid-Tapered Crop With Medium Curly Tails

This mid-length cut is perfect for your son if he does not want drastic boy haircuts but would like to grow out his curly locks.

Use his unique texture by running a little mousse or cream through the manes while it is damp. To get more curl definition as well as reduce frizz, squirt the hair between your middle fingers.

  1. Tapered Long Hair Paired With Side Parts

This cut is perfect for boys who want their hair to stay elongated (and mums who cannot stand it when their kids take their hair out of their hair too soon).

The top is kept mid-long and gradually transitions into shorter lengths in a good tapered cut on the sides and back. Move the little one manes to the left and keep hair away from the face.

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