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Qualities to Look For in a Stroller

There is so much you need to look for for your child. Buying them toys, soothers, proper food, clothing, and much more is such an integral part of providing them with a happy life. One major purchase you’ll be looking to spend plenty of time mulling over is a stroller. Buying just any baby stroller isn’t an option anymore, so you need to make the right choice.

Before it used to be easy to buy a stroller because we didn’t understand as much about baby safety and there were a limited amount of options. Now, however, there is a major surplus of choices that can make the process difficult. If you’re looking to buy a stroller for your baby, here are some things to consider, and some qualities to look out for.

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Types of Strollers

As mentioned, there are a lot more strollers in circulation now than ever before, which means different kinds as well. Here are some different types of strollers to consider:

  • Full-Sized – Big, sturdy, and reliable is often the best descriptor for a full-sized stroller. It’s a good go-to because of those factors, but also because it will last a long time, even as your baby grows. Can be a bit bulky though.
  • Jogging – For parents who like to spend their quality time with their baby and get in a good workout, a jogging stroller is the option to go with. It’s light, has a good suspension system for maneuverability and mobility, and still has durable wheels.
  • Lightweight/Umbrella – Not as robust in features as a larger, full-sized stroller, but it makes up for that with the lightweight design, easy to assemble frame, and ability to go anywhere with ease.
  • Double – Whether it’s tandem or side-by-side, the ability to bring two of your kids on the go in one stroller is handy. They can be extra wide in side-by-side variants, which is rough for maneuvering, but it still offers a lot of functionality for keeping your kids strapped in.
  • Car Seat Convertible – If you want a two-in-one system that is easy to use, converting from seat to stroller or vice versa, a car seat convertible stroller is the way to go. With a quick snap installation, you can switch to on-the-go or safe vehicle transport for your child in an instant.

Factors of the Stroller to Consider

Now that you know about the types of strollers, you’ll want to figure out what factors go into picking the right one. Not all parents have the same needs, and Baby & Co and baby product makers are acutely aware of this. When it comes to strollers, you will want to consider how much you’re on-the-go like travel or commuting with a child, how much storage space you have in your home, if you live in a city and don’t want to take up valuable sidewalk space, the ease of assembly, and lifestyle needs like running/jogging. If you can do a quick evaluation of these, you can easily pick out a good stroller that meets all of, or as many, of your checklist goals.

Important Features

You also have a list of criteria and features it should be able to meet to ensure it’s a worthy purchase. Safety features are a must, so a proper brake system, protection bar, and straps for on the go are very helpful. You may also want a canopy to keep your child protected from the sun or other elements. Undercarriage storage, usually in the form of a mesh basket, is handy to keep all of their supplies so you can keep your hands free or at least prevent you from having to lug around a bag. You’ll also want a fabric that can be washed easily, so look for a smooth material. You should also check the quality of the wheels to see if they will hold up too.

Other Features or Factors to Consider

If you don’t have some of the features listed, it’s good to think about if you can add storage or add a canopy. You also need to consider the durability and longevity of the stroller. Think about if you’ll also need or want a second additional stroller for different activities, and any changes to your lifestyle or your baby, like how much they’ll grow, so you can buy a stroller for long-term use.

To help you out a little bit with your parenting needs, this guide has shown you some of the qualities and considerations that go into finding the perfect stroller for you and your baby.

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